3 Practical Realities Of Settling Down & Starting A Family

3 Practical Realities Of Settling Down & Starting A Family

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It’s very important to realize that no matter what path we choose in life, it will come with its positives and negatives. You might wish to become a partner at a top law firm, for instance, as this offers an amazing salary, incredible benefits, and no uncertain amount of prestige.

That being said, it also means you’ll no doubt have to pull working weeks of 100 hours or more, and perhaps much more. This is just what comes with the territory.

The same goes for running a family. What may seem like all sunshine and rainbows on the face of it can actually give way to tough challenges rather soon, challenges that will test the very fabric of who you are. The highs and positive notes are so much better, more impactful, and deeply satisfying than you could have ever imagined, and so it balances out to be a huge undertaking, but a manageable one.

So, what practical advice is best offered to those looking to settle down and start a family, or to those who may have started a family and wish for some great, common wisdom to help your confidence? Well, let’s consider:

You’re Going To Be Tired

Starting a family can be challenging. It takes time to close on a house, to move in, and to decorate it. Meeting your neighbors can be an unpredictable process. Things will go wrong with your home, and you’ll need to call someone out to resolve those issues, or tend to them yourself. When you have a life setup like this, you can sometimes feel as though you have no other option, because what we gain in beauty we pay for in freedom. This can feel tiring. That said – it’s resoundingly worth it.

You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

If running a family and home is a huge, tiring task, then you need to take care of yourself. Make sure you don’t burn out. Get sleep when you can. Eat healthier, and try to limit your alcohol intake. Exercise and get out in nature when you can. Be sure to take nothing for granted. Make sure that you keep a healthy weight. If you can do these things, then these larger than life tasks become so much more enjoyable and interesting.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even when it comes to the huge life upgrades, like buying a new car as eloquently advised by Fashion Mommy, you can find yourself fretting or overthinking. If you take things easy, you’re much more likely to enjoy this process. If your child has trouble at school, or you feel irritable, or you’re not sure if you’re being the ‘best’ parent you can be, take a step back, breathe in, and don’t sweat the small stuff as you attend to the things that matter. This can help you prioritize your time, your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your family.

With this advice, we hope you can settle down and start a family in the best way, while still understanding and conforming to the practical realities of this process.

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