Love and Kindness Calendar to Countdown to Valentine’s Day

Love and Kindness Calendar to Countdown to Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is filled with cute DIY gifts and sweet treats, it’s primarily known as the holiday of love. We all show our love in different ways. Some show love by spending quality time together while others opt for physical touch, such as a hug. However you typically show love, this year is bound to be a little different.

In order to encourage love and kindness,

while remaining safe and socially distant, we have a 14-day love and kindness countdown. This calendar has challenges to help inspire you to spread love throughout your home and community in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

You can choose to follow the calendar in order or skip around, checking off each heart as you complete an act of kindness.

In addition to these challenges,

there are fun printables to help you complete the tasks in a meaningful way. Print out the bookmarks and write down your favorite quote before donating the book to a friend or charity or try out the cute baking tags that you can attach to a batch of cookies.

Curious about what the challenges are? Here’s a preview:

Day 1 – Send a letter of encouragement

Day 2 – Bake a treat for your neighbor

Day 3 – Leave a positive review at a local spot

Day 4 – Give someone a compliment

Day 5 – Creat a pick-me-up kit

Day 6 – Bring flowers to an essential worker

Day 7 – Send someone a candid photo

Day 8 – Leave a note in a loved one’s lunch

Day 9 – Pay for someone behind you in line (or let them check-out first)

Day 10 – Start a gratitude journal

Day 11 – Clean up your community

Day 12 – Give yourself a break

Day 13 – Give a friend your favorite book

Day 14  – Leave a love note in a stranger’s mailbox

Ready to get started? Use Redbubble’s kindness ideas calendar to keep you on track.

Check out the full calendar and activities here.

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