A Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

A Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day!

Good morning, Michigan Mamas!

I was sitting “poolside” last week writing this. By poolside, I mean sitting at my kid’s swim practice at a table on the pool deck! Oh, but it would be nice to poolside in sunny Florida!

Life happens and happens fast. For example, my last couple of weeks such as a new job,  a sick kid, and sports starting back up! That means swim meets and practices between church and the rest of life. Oh, and my mom published a book this past month with some juicy stories about me, so if you have a hard-headed child be sure to check it out, “Short Stories from the Heart” by Jean Bundas, by the way, I am the strong-willed child. With that being said how about a fun DIY craft idea for Valentine’s day!

Crafts can be well thought out or just thrown together. I wanted to do something fun, so I went to a local craft store, found some sale items, and got home and thought “what on earth am I going to make with all this?” I wanted to show that bargain shopping can lead to being fun and creative. I got everything on sale and spent less than $10 for a nice Valentine’s day gift for nana (aka my mom the book author lol). Another great craft to let kids do!

Step 1.  Gather Supplies


Wood heart (Any size will work)

Acrylic Paint, Brushes, water…

Stickers, (letters or pictures or both)

Clothes Pins (More than one depending on how many kids you have)

I used a mix of pink, white and blue paint.


Step 2. Paint the Heart



Step 3. Let Dry

Decorate with stickers. We kept it basic so it could be used all year to hang papers or pictures.


Step 4. Glue Clothes Pin

You can use whatever you find on sale! I got everything 40% to 50% off don’t forget to use those coupons!


Crafting does not need to be time consuming or expensive. I love crafting as a way to bond with my daughter. It’s something fun we both can do. This craft is a great one for all ages. Now back to sitting poolside and enjoying my view! (Watching my Kid is always a great view)!



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