How to Keep Your Home From Getting Cramped When Your Family Starts Growing

How to Keep Your Home From Getting Cramped When Your Family Starts Growing

By Anita Ginsburg

It’s amazing how much a growing family can change how you view your home. What once might have been a cozy and friendly space might now be a cramped nightmare, and things will only get worse as your family grows. If you want to keep your home feeling roomy, though, there are some steps you can use to help keep things from feeling too cramped.

Maximize the Space

The first, and perhaps most important, step you’re going to take is to get rid of all of your wasted space. When your family was smaller, you could afford to waste square footage with oversized furniture or by stuffing things that had no purpose into extra rooms. The best way to keep your home from feeling cramped is to get rid of everything that takes up needed space so that you can get the most from the space you have.

Look at Storage Solutions

Next, start looking at how you can store things in your house to free up a little more space. Using organizers in closets or shelving in a garage can free up quite a bit of floor space in your living space and can give you the room to make better use of your space. On a larger scale, buying a storage shed or renting a storage unit can give you a place to put the bigger items in your home for which you just don’t have regular use.

Create Multipurpose Spaces

Now that you’re freeing up space, you need to think about how you can put those spaces to work. A great way to make this work in your favor is to combine an often-used space with something that isn’t used too often. A good example of this might be combing an office and a guest bedroom, giving your occasional guests somewhere to stay without actually taking up more space in your home.

Utilize Outdoor Spaces

Finally, expand outside when you have no more room inside. Cover your patio, consider building a deck, or even get a nice picnic table for the backyard. Anything you can do to encourage your family to spend more time outside means spending less time feeling cramped while you are inside.


Even if you do all you can to maximize your space, you might get to the point where you realize that your family has simply outgrown your old home. In this case, it might be time to start checking out single family homes in your area. Even a few hundred extra square feet can make a huge difference in how comfortable your family is in your home.

A growing family is a reason to celebrate, but it also means that you need to be a little more judicious in how you’re using the space in your home. Make smart choices to maximize your space when you can and consider clearing some things out or upgrading your home. Though a growing family will change the way you view your home, the changes don’t have to be negative.

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