Food and Health Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Food and Health Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Biggest Food and Health Trends Coming Your Way in 2021

 By Kevin Nelson

Nutrition is a topic that everyone should discuss and follow. In 2021, people are gearing up for healthy foods and health trends that promise wholesome living. Here top trends to follow in 2021.

Food and Health Trends That Will Dominate 2021

The pandemic allowed many people to review their lives to discover the things they should drop in 2021. One of the most significant conversations revolved around health and fitness.

In 2021, people are gearing up to embrace food trends that encourage healthy eating. Here are forecasted trends we think will dominate 2021 that you can implement as well.

Heritage Cooking

Heritage cooking is among the latest health trends you should explore. More people have been following the trend, and this looks like it’s here to stay. There is a rise in recognition of heritage recipes and immigrant cooking, which encourages communities to explore traditional foods.

This is one of those trends talented immigrant chefs would love to jump onto. People will start viewing cultures more holistically, thanks to food. For example, you can sample Caribbean dishes, Vietnamese food, Ethiopian cuisine, and other options inspired by indigenous communities.

Plant-Based Foods

One of the food and health trends in 2021 you should follow involves plant-based foods. This trend continues as more people move to protein from plant sources, especially during the pandemic. According to IFIC, up to 28 percent of people embraced plant-based protein sources. Veganism has also received more limelight than ever before, which has encouraged many to try it out.

Expect restaurants to roll out more vegan-based options for popular dishes. You could also see new things like plant-based fish. Overall, a vegetarian diet promotes healthy living, but you might also need supplementation for nutrients through options such as the best nitric oxide supplements to ensure your body gets everything.

Before you go in with the diet, ensure you know what your body needs and find the perfect balance.

People Will Continue Cooking at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged people to grow food, preserve food, and cook their foods at home. More people discovered that this is one of the best choices as it allows them to control what they eat. It’s easier to make healthy choices by preparing your meals at home, so it’s likely cooking at home will continue as people try to reap the health benefits of making their meals.

Gyms May Not Come Back Sooner

Considering the numbers coming from gyms across the country, gyms may not make a comeback in 2021. This could be attributed to new health and wellness trends in which people have found an awakening on how they can use available resources to stay fit and eat healthily.

Too many people discovered cheap, simple, and safe home workouts, so going back to the gym may not be a priority.

Besides, home workouts have come as an opportunity to bond with the family as one can involve their loved ones. With apps offering lessons online, it might be a challenging year for gyms that rely on in-house traffic.

Mental Health

Mental health is one of the health industry trends that should excite you in 2021. It has become a priority as many people work to cure anxiety, depression, and stress. In 2021, expect to see more diets rich in antioxidants, minerals (e.g., magnesium, zinc), vitamins (e.g., B vitamins), and other bioactive compounds linked to mental well-being.

Many beverage companies could offer products with ingredients that improve sleep, reduce stress, and offer other mental health benefits.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

These health technology trends may seem unlikely given the single-use packaging we require, but it’s exactly why we anticipate it in 2021.

Companies are researching ways to reduce the toll on the environment by waste from packaging materials. Among ideas mooted include using biodegradable materials in place of plastic, so if you are eco-conscious, you will breathe easier soon.


Following the pandemic, many people were forced to adjust their lifestyles to survive the uncertain times. The inconvenience came as a blessing for many people as they discovered healthy living and ways to stay fit on a budget.

The health trends born in 2020 during the pandemic will continue in 2021, and many of them could become the new normal.

What lessons did you learn from the pandemic about healthy living? Leave a comment below.

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