4 Tips for Quick and Easy Family Car Repair

4 Tips for Quick and Easy Family Car Repair

By Lizzie Weakley

When the family car breaks down, it can throw everyone’s schedule off. Scrambling to get the parents the work, the kids to school, and someone to a doctor’s appointment or sports practice becomes a major headache. Here are four quick tips to help get your car fixed without causing a big hassle.

Tires and Towing

With a low-cost American Automobile Association membership, you can get emergency roadside service whenever and wherever you need it. You can also get gas delivered for your vehicle if you run out of fuel, and they will send someone to change a flat tire or pull your car out of a ditch, even if it’s on your property. Towing is also available within a certain number of miles. For added miles, you can upgrade to the next membership level.

Window Assistance

For cracked windows in your car or a damaged windshield, you can request help from an auto glass repair company in your area that will make house calls. Instead of driving your compromised car to a glass repair shop, someone will come to your home or another location, if needed, to repair or replace the broken car window. This helps to ensure you don’t get a traffic citation for driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield or risk an accident from impaired visibility.

Car Service Loaners

Some dealerships and car shops will provide a free or low-cost loaner vehicle while yours is being serviced. Ask the car repair shop where you take your car if they have a car you can drive to get the kids to school or make it work for the day. Typically, the loaner will be a late model sedan with low mileage and gas in the tank to get you on your way. This option is far cheaper and more convenient than renting a car through a rental agency.

Drop-off and Pickup

If you can’t get a loaner or decide you don’t want one, many auto service shops will take you home or wherever you need to go in the area after you drop off your car to be worked on. They will also pick you up when your car is ready. Call ahead to ask about this option to ensure it is available when planning your vehicle’s repair appointment.

Busy families need all the help they can get when something goes wrong with their car. Take advantage of services like these to save time and reduce costs for your car repair.


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.
*Photos courtesy of Lizzie Weakley

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