Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog – Book Promotion

Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog – Book Promotion

“I received a copy of “Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog ($12.56/paperback on Amazon) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”

Meet Cooper!  He’s one of those dogs who is a member of the family.  Well, aren’t most?  Yes, but maybe not quite like Cooper!

Cooper thinks it’s “beneath him to chase balls or sticks”.  Instead, he’s “well mannered” and “always treated like family, his parents’ sixth child”.  Cooper also “dines from a plate” and “couldn’t be bothered with dog food or kibble until they add steak sauce, he won’t even nibble”.  Cooper uses the toilet and travels afar.  Cooper thinks he’s a human and with no doubt even skiis!

Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog shares the bond of the family and man’s best friend.  It also touches base on pet adoptions!

Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog is a fun, adventuresome book for those littles in your life who think their family pet is part of the family.  This colorful book is geared for ages 2-8 and also a MUST for families with pets.  Please Don’t Tell Cooper He’s a Dog can be purchased at any local book store or Amazon.


About the Author

Michelle Lander Feinberg is an attorney who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Andrew, their five children, a rescue dog, and a mouse (yes, a mouse). As a life-long animal advocate, she is a strong supporter of animal welfare organizations and does her best to spread the word of the importance of adopting pets from animal shelters and rescue groups. After all, #dogsarepeopletoo !

*Book cover photo courtesy of Michelle Lander Feinberg


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