4 Tips for Kids Learning to Brush Their Own Teeth

4 Tips for Kids Learning to Brush Their Own Teeth

 By Rachelle Wilber

There is nothing as exciting as seeing your child doing everything for the first time. Learning to do things on their own is one of the first steps towards being self-reliant, a stage as a parent you want to be a part of. One of these things is brushing their teeth. Brushing your teeth is one of the most hygienic things to do if you are looking to fight cavities, bad odors, and gingivitis. Here are a few tips you can consider when helping your kid with brushing their teeth.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Toothpaste

Adult toothpaste tends to react differently with children, and they may find the mint flavor in adult toothpaste overpowering to their taste buds. To encourage your child to brush often, go over the different brands to find one that is meant for children. To get your child to look forward to brushing. You need to get them interested if you want this training phase to go smoothly.

Purchase Soft Brushes for Children

Consult with your family dentist about the best toothbrush for your kid. It is recommended that you get your kids a soft or even an extra-soft toothbrush. Go over the different options on different platforms, don’t restrict yourself to your local store. Your kid’s teeth and gums and teeth are generally sensitive since they are still growing. Having the best toothbrush will help reduce pain when brushing, making this a fun and comfortable exercise.

Allow Your Kids to Choose Their Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

When buying toothbrushes and toothpaste, an expert cosmetic dentist will recommend that you go for several different options in terms of color for the toothbrush and flavor for the paste. Allow your kid to choose a toothbrush or toothpaste to get them excited about brushing their teeth. Most of these brushes have a thick handle with a small head for easy use. Some companies even design their brands with characters from children’s favorite shows. Kids’ toothbrushes can be a little pricey but you have to overlook the price tag if you want to instill good hygiene practices in your kid.

Keep It Fun

Most children are drawn to games and songs, they find these activities exciting as they also enjoy bonding with other especially members of their household. Relax on the authority when it comes to getting your kids to brush. Think of some fun games and songs you can engage your kid when brushing to make them more enthusiastic about the exercise. You can try things such as brushing together as you sing along to one of your favorite tunes. You can also dance to your favorite tunes while brushing to bring more fun.

To get your kid to brush, you need to be extra patient with them as this is a developmental stage. One day can be a success but the next could be a total disaster, however, do not give up on your kid. Keep in mind children learn from repetitive actions.

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