7 Effective Ways to Scale Your Craft Business

7 Effective Ways to Scale Your Craft Business

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If your craft business is really starting to thrive, then it might be time to prepare for serious growth. As demand increases, you’ll need to be ready to manage your inventory, hire new employees, or outsource fulfillment and other services. This way you will be able to handle the increase in orders and bring in more profits. If you’re continually providing great products to satisfied customers, why not up your game and expand your client reach? You just might end up developing a name for yourself in the field. Here are seven effective ways to scale your craft business.

Hire new staff

Perhaps you’ve been coping on your own up until now, or maybe even run a small family business, but with an increase in orders, you will need more hands-on deck. If you have the resources, you could consider hiring and training regular employees to help you. You can use online services to calculate payroll overtime, draft contracts, and ensure everything is above board. It’s not necessary to be a human resources expert. There are also plenty of online platforms where you can search for freelance designs, crafters, or other talented individuals looking for work.


Another way to manage the rise in demand is by outsourcing. As well as HR services, you could also outsource IT, accounting, and marketing. This way you’ll have access to experts including their experience and resources. You’ll save money on hiring permanent members of staff and can pay for services on a short-term basis. If you’re running an eCommerce, it’s advisable to outsource your fulfillment if you’re intending on scaling your business. Third-party logistics providers will have more warehouse space and faster delivery options. They’ll also be able to give professional insights on managing your inventory and supply chain.

Robust marketing strategies

Now that you’re expanding your client base you need robust marketing strategies to reach out to the right customers. Video content is very useful for craft businesses, for example. It allows you to showcase your talents on your website or social media. Video ads are also effective. You can advertise on YouTube or Gmail ads. Here is a complete guide to video marketing with more information. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, less time-consuming strategy you could set up an email marketing campaign. Send enticing emails to your contact list with promos and discounts in exchange for referrals. Aim to use as many channels as possible and monitor your performance using analytical tools, to see which are working best for you.

Reach out to other businesses

Don’t forget about the importance of networking for creative businesses. Look for local businesses that need the products you sell or services you provide. If you land a business client this could bring you in much bigger orders. You could also collaborate with other craft businesses to hold virtual events. Invite potential business clients to your events in order to promote your brand. This will help you build recognition online.

Work with influencers

You could also work with arts and craft influencers to help advertise your brand. Consumers are more likely to buy a product if it’s been endorsed by someone they trust or respect. Reputable influencers can give an honest review of your product on social media or their blog, for example. You will need to pay for these services but it will allow you to boost your reputation.

Get technology working for you

As you scale your business, there are several popular seller apps you can use to sell your products. These will also appear at the top of the search engine results pages. Focus on improving the SEO of your website as well. Ensure that it has a logical structure, is fast-loading, and reflects the personality of your brand. This will boost the customer experience and make it appeal to search engine bots. You could also invest in other tools such as inventory management software, and customer relationship management software.

Boost your productivity

One of the ways to have a successful career is to learn how to boost your productivity. Find out when your productivity peaks, for example, in the morning or evenings. This way you can take on more projects when you’re able to work at your best. Set clear goals and deadlines and work towards a daily schedule. Prioritize tasks according to urgency and the resources or time you need to complete them. You’ll need to find the method that works for you to successfully grow your business.

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