Set a Routine: 4 Things That Visiting the Dentist Regularly Teaches Your Children

Set a Routine: 4 Things That Visiting the Dentist Regularly Teaches Your Children

By Anita Ginsburg

Dental neglect is a common problem that often starts as early as childhood. It is often caused by parents who didn’t emphasize the importance of routine dental visits or who made the process seem cumbersome or scary.

If you want your children to have healthy teeth that last a lifetime, you must introduce a caring dentist into their lives. Early introduction of dental care teaches your children many important lessons.

Dentists Aren’t Scary

Choose a gentle, well-reviewed dentist to make sure dental visits are positive experiences for everyone in the family. When parents speak negatively about dental visits, children pick up that negativity.

Additionally, if you don’t start early with routine dental care, your children could be influenced by their friends’ negative comments and opinions rather than their own positive experiences.

Prevention Is Important

Preventative dental care is part of good health for people at age. Even baby teeth need to be cleaned and checked. If they’re damaged, gums can get infected, and loss of primary teeth can cause spacing and alignment issues that may be difficult to correct later in life.

It’s usually recommended that you take your child to their first dental visit around the time they turn one or within the first six months after they get their first tooth. As your children grow, dentists can make sure their mouths are healthy and developing normally. Without preventative dental care, undetected problems can lead to a lifetime of oral health concerns.

Dental Visits Are a Part of Life

Taking your children to routine dental visits beginning as early as possible helps them establish in their minds that dentists and dental visits are a regular and necessary part of life.

Helping your children create this habit can prevent dental anxiety and phobias later in life. Regular dental visits could mean fewer dental procedures as they age and less anxiety when they’re necessary. You can also show your child their website, so they can learn about dentists, how they work and any treatments they may need to have done.

Health Is Worth Preserving

Establishing a habit of regular dental care helps your children understand that their health is important and that they are valuable people who are worth taking care of.

If you plant the idea of self-care early, it can have wide implications for how your children take care of themselves throughout their lives. The attention shown to them by a caring dentist can help them understand that they are worthy of medical attention and care throughout life.

Children benefit in these and other ways when they learn early that dentists are helpful, gentle people who can maintain and improve how they look and feel.

When kids see that dentists are on their side and want to help them, life is a little easier, and that’s a reason to smile.

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