9 Reasons Why Your Kid May Need Early Orthodontic Treatment

9 Reasons Why Your Kid May Need Early Orthodontic Treatment

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Did your kid lose his baby teeth too early? Or they haven’t come out even after the permanent teeth started erupting? This means you need to get your kid an early orthodontic treatment. If you do not seek early orthodontic treatment, then they may have to undergo a more complicated treatment later on. Losing baby teeth too early or too late may cause crooked teeth or cause permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong position.

Look out for the following signs that indicate your kid may need early orthodontic treatment.

9 Signs That Your Kid Needs Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth may fall out before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. They may fall out due to tooth decay or an accident. The empty space can cause potential crowding problems.

Contrarily, the baby tooth may not fall out even after the permanent teeth start to erupt. In this case, the permanent tooth may be impacted or crooked. 

Difficulty in Chewing and Biting

If your child is having trouble biting or chewing food, it may be due to an underbite, overbite, or misaligned jaw.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing can cause crooked teeth or facial deformities. This condition may be associated with narrow arches, a bad bite, or the crowding of teeth. 

Thumb Sucking After Age Five

Prolonged thumb-sucking can cause misalignment of teeth. It can cause the teeth to be pushed out too far or cause improper jaw development. This may lead to speech problems, trouble in swallowing, or eating difficulties. 

Speech Impediments

If your child has a lisp or is unable to pronounce their T’s and D’s, it might be due to improper placement of teeth.

Protruding Front Teeth

Protruding front teeth are more prone to chipping and fractures. It may also affect the child’s self-confidence as they might get conscious of their appearance.

Crowded Teeth

When a kid’s mouth is overcrowded with baby and adult teeth, the adult teeth may come out in the wrong places. If the jaw is too small, the teeth will be overcrowded. It is easier to expand a child’s jaw in earlier years rather than in teens.

Misaligned or Crooked Teeth

A child may not be able to chew or speak properly due to misaligned or crooked teeth. They may also lead to tooth decay due to the inability to clean teeth properly. Braces for teeth can help in straightening them. There are different types of braces like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign which will be helpful for straightening teeth.

Missing Teeth 

Generally, the baby tooth doesn’t loosen until the permanent tooth underneath pushes it to take its place. If your kid is missing some permanent teeth, there will be missing teeth after baby teeth fall off.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Evaluation and Treatment

  • Helps in eliminating harmful oral habits
  • Guides the jaw growth
  • Lowers the risk of injury to protruded teeth
  • Guides the permanent teeth to erupt in the correct position
  • Reduces the chances of impact on permanent teeth
  • Reduces the need or treatment time for orthodontic services as a teen or adult
  • Eliminates abnormal swallowing

Early orthodontic treatment will keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Take your child to an orthodontist if you notice any of the above-mentioned issues. The first orthodontic visit must be around the age of 5 so that the orthodontist can spot oral issues early on.

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