Children’s Book: Penelope Pine

Children’s Book: Penelope Pine

I received a copy of Penelope Pine” (19.99 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Penelope was a pine tree

and thought she was so different from her other friends because she was the only pine tree in that area of the forest.  Her friends were tulip poplars, oaks, and sugar maples.  Her friends were beautiful in the fall, but Penelope struggled to turn herself into colors like them.

Winter came and her friends were shivering,

but Penelope didn’t lose her leaves because she has needles and so she was warm. Then her friends wished they were pines also, just like Penelope.  In the end, Penelope was glad to be herself.

Penelope Pine shares with young readers the joy of being yourself and being happy with who you are! This hardcover colorfully illustrated children’s picture book is geared for young readers up to the age of eight and can be purchased at your local book store near you or at

About the Authors

The story was crafted by the daughter and father team of Amelia and Evan Balkan. Amelia, 16, is a junior at Towson High School, in Towson, Maryland. Her father, Evan, has published seven books of nonfiction and three novels, as well as many essays and short stories. His screenplays have won numerous awards. He teaches writing at the Community College of Baltimore County and Johns Hopkins University. Penelope Pine is illustrated by talented, young Romanian artist, Alexandra Maxim, who lives and works in the Canary Islands in Spain.

 *Cover courtesy of Amelia and Evan Balkan


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