4 Ways to Prep Your Home and Family for the Springtime

4 Ways to Prep Your Home and Family for the Springtime

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by Lizzie Weakley

Spring is the time of rebirth, which explains the tradition of spring cleaning. People have to clear away dead and dying plants, fix burst pipes and repair many other damages caused by wintertime weather. Here are four ways to prepare your home and family for springtime.

Clear out the Garage

During the winter, homeowners are known to stockpile their garages full of supplies, such as nonperishable foods, gallons of water, and portable heaters in case a storm knocks out the power. Spring is the perfect time to clear out the junk that you have stocked up for the winter and that has been lying around as clutter for years. It’s also a great time to clean the garage floor and see if you need to reapply a sealant.

Maintain the Roof

Ice is damaging to the roof and could expand the cracks that are already present. When ice melts, it easily creates leakage that damages your home’s ceiling, walls, or floor. Melting ice is also effective at helping you to locate exactly where the roof’s damages are.

When spring comes, clear out the gutters and decide if you need to install new ones. For a more efficient and longer-lasting design, consider installing seamless gutters that consist of one, long piece of material. The seamless design is supposed to reduce leakage more than regular gutters do.

Power Wash the House

Spring is when the sunlight hits the home and makes it stand out to your neighbors and passersby. However, this is ineffective if the exterior of your house is covered in mildew, dirt, or debris. Now is the time to power wash your siding, windows, and parts of the roof to clear away the unclean appearance.

Maintain Plumbing

Your plumbing system takes a severe hit during the winter season. The pipes freeze and some may break, causing leaks throughout the house. You will never know the full extent of the damage that occurs when the temperatures drop. Hire a plumber to perform a maintenance checkup and look for signs of severe damage.

Spring cleaning is the annual tradition that is practiced in millions of households. It is practiced immediately after the brutal conditions of winter end. As the weather improves, look at ways to improve your own home and make repairs whenever they’re needed. Overall, get rid of the past clutter and provide a safer and more comfortable place for your family to live.

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