Springtime Driving Tips for New Teen Drivers

Springtime Driving Tips for New Teen Drivers

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Have a new teen driver in the house or maybe a teen about to get their license for the very first time? With the change of the seasons also comes changes in road conditions. Especially, in the springtime, as winter seems to want to hold on a few more times before completely transitioning over to the spring season.

This is currently the situation here in Michigan!

Here are a few driving tips and ideas I came across that you can share with your teen driver as they head out on the roadways during this spring season:

1. LOOKOUT for Potholes!

Potholes are the worst! Try to avoid them the best you can while out on the open roads. If possible, scan the road ahead of time. Not only will you protect yourself and other drivers around you, but you may also avoid any damage to your car that potholes can surely bring.

2. Driving During April Showers…

Yes, April showers may bring May flowers, but rain can be a driving hazard if not driving cautiously. It’s important to reduce your speed when it’s raining. Why? The roads actually become most slippery when it first begins raining. Oil and grease and other elements from the roadways can mix with the rain making driving a bit trickier and more of a challenge.

3. Avoiding Animals

With the warmer means, all the animals are out! If you live in more rural areas you may need to be more aware and cautious of deer on the roadways. Pay special attention to your speed limit especially at dusk and at dawn as animals (such as deer) are most active during these times. Other animals include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, etc.

4. Watch for Pedestrians

Again, springtime means warmer weather but it also means that people are out enjoying the weather, for example, walking, biking, etc. Be cautious around city streets, neighborhoods, etc. generally anywhere you will see pedestrian activity.

Other important teen driving tips to consider for springtime driving are making sure the tires have enough air pressure, being aware of motorcyclists as they have the right to share the road with motorists, and finally, always being alert and cautious around construction zones. Follow the signs and the speed limits!

If you are local to Michigan and looking for a safe yet used vehicle option for your teen driver, check out Westborn Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Dearborn!

Stay alert and be safe!

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