5 Handy Gadgets for Your Modern Kitchen

5 Handy Gadgets for Your Modern Kitchen

By Reggie Moore

There’s no need to wait any longer to upgrade your kitchen gear. Technology has evolved so much, changing the way people cook. It’s time to upgrade those cooking equipment as well as eat healthier. There are tons of new kitchenware available on the market; however, here’s a narrowed-down list of five must-have handy gadgets.

Food Processor

The first ideal handy kitchen gadget is the food processor. It comes with switchable disks and blades for cooking any food. One can easily shred cheese, slice vegetables, slice stick pepperoni, make peanut butter, mayonnaise, and whipped cream using the blades and disks. That’s not the end; one can also make guacamole egg appetizers, dips, and Pates. Once someone begins using the food processor, they realize how much time it saves. Food processors offer much more convenience and can be termed as the no.1 cooking partner.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is an essential tool that could replace an oven. It’s energy-efficient and is also an effective tool for a roast. A slow cooker, also known as a crockpot, is an advisable way to save on meat and vegetable leftovers by making soup. The crockpot is favorable as most of the dishes can be frozen and reheated later. The slow cooker/crockpot is effective as it saves on cooking different meals several times.

The Instant Pot

The instant pot has been undergoing a series of modifications, and the latest one has wi-fi support. The instant pot smart wi-fi is an ideal kitchen tool for busy people. It could come in handy after a tiresome day. The recently launched Smart wi-fi instant pot is an all-in-one device.

It brings about convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, and speed. The advantage of using this device is the freedom to cook virtually from anywhere. Using the wi-fi connectivity technology, you can monitor, control or set according to your meal. This is a great technology for busy persons. Apart from that, the instant pot may be up to 9-in-1. It often includes a warmer, yogurt maker, rice cookers, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and site pan.

Electric griddle

An electric griddle is a must-have tool for everyone—especially the Hamilton electric griddle series. The griddle is equipped with none stick plates which are reversible and can be easily snapped in. One side is equipped with ridged grills, while the other has griddles. You can easily remove the special griddle for washing. The griddle is also dishwasher safe. An impressive observation is how the surface area convenience transitions seamlessly. Cooking bacon, pancakes, and eggs on the griddle is super easy with the 180 Square inches surface.

Air fryer

Air fryers are a must-have gadget. First is they ensure your cooking is at the right temperature avoiding overcooking or undercooking. Air fryers have temperature and timer controllers enabling more refined cooking. Air fryers give off less heat as compared to ovens hence are more effective cookers. It’s also noticeable that the taste of air-fried food is much finer than traditional fried methods. Traditional fried foods may have a slightly different flavor as a result of oil penetrating the foods.

Air fryers also come with other cooking tools such as grilling trays, cake barrels, pizza pans, skewer racks. Air fryers are your ideal roasting, drying, and steaming food equipment. It’s ideal for cooking fish steak, cheeseburgers, pastries, French fries, potato chips, and chicken.

Kettle cookers

Kettle cookers go beyond preparing tea and coffee. They are also a means to cook quick snacks and meals. Such could include buttered vegetable rice, hard-boiled eggs, steam-fried eggs, mashed potatoes, and vegetable soup. Kettle cookers are also a great way to save on electricity. Most importantly, you get to enjoy a perfect tasting cup of tea or coffee. Perfect enough for an adventurous day.

Even though this is not a comprehensive list of everything, this amazing kitchenware can still make your cooking much more efficient, faster, and enjoyable. As technology continues to evolve, it’s even possible to cook with a single push of a button. What’s even interesting is the ability to have a 9-in -1 device instead of filling your kitchen with electronics.

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