Brainly Educator of the Year 2021 Awards Launch Today 

Brainly Educator of the Year 2021 Awards Launch Today 

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US students can nominate teachers now through May 7 for a chance to win cash prizes and more!

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—and in a year where instruction may have been virtual, in-person, or a mix of both, their immense work and impact have provided a much-needed sense of community and connection for students.

That’s why Brainly, the world’s largest online learning community,

is proud to announce this year’s edition of the Brainly Educator of the Year award to recognize and honor the teachers, instructors, administrators, coaches, tutors, mentors, and other educators who have gone above and beyond to help students during this challenging past year.

“Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators across America are working hard to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential,” says Patrick Quinn, parenting expert at Brainly, former teacher, and father of three school-age children.

Now through May 7th,

students can nominate (and vote for) their favorite educators by submitting a 3-minute video and/or 5-sentence essay describing how the educator was exceptional in helping them learn this year. The nominations are free and easy to enter. Winners will be chosen by public vote.

The contest is open to current U.S. middle-school and high-school students (ages 13 and up), and nominations can be made in one of five categories this year:

  1. STEM teachers: A teacher in science, technology, engineering, or math academic subjects.
  2. Humanities teachers: A teacher in history, English, languages, arts, music, or similar academic subjects.
  3. Physical and mental health educators: A physical education teacher, school counselor, coach, or another educator who has helped a student with their mental or physical health.
  4. Social justice educators: An educator who has promoted an issue or cause that is meaningful to the nominating student.
  5. Educators outside the classroom: A tutor, mentor, parent, or peer that helped a student exceptionally after school or between classes.

The five educators with the most votes in each category

will receive a $500 donation through their partners at DonorsChoose, as well as $250 to spend on classroom supplies and a featured post on the Brainly Insights Blog — not to mention major bragging rights. In addition, the “physical and mental health” educator can win a VAR Toolkit from partners at Active Minds.

The five students who submit the winning entries will each receive a Samsung Galaxy A Tablet and a free one-year Brainly Plus subscription.

“Teaching this year is harder than it has ever been before. Not only are teachers trying to prepare our kids academically, but they are learning an entirely new way of teaching as they go. They are trying to reach students who don’t have WiFi, who are suffering from mental health issues, who have sick family members, or parents who are out of work. They are working to make our kids feel connected and have a sense of normalcy,” says Quinn.

For more information about Brainly Educator of the Year 2021 and details on how to nominate and vote for your favorite educator, visit

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