Dads + Homework Help = Quality Learning Time [NEW SURVEY]

Dads + Homework Help = Quality Learning Time [NEW SURVEY]

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By Brainly

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and an increase in the dad-jokes told throughout the land. It’s important to know that dads are far more useful than merely as bearers of eye-rolling humor.

As we prepare for celebrating dads and all their glory,

it seems like the perfect time to talk about how much dads help their children get the best education they can.

One area where dads could use a little extra help is in the homework department. Brainly— the world’s largest online learning community — asked 1,000 American parents about their perceptions of their children’s homework.

Of the 86% of dads who help their school-age children with their homework, half of those polled say that they get stumped by their children’s homework.

The US States Where Dads Are The Main Homework Helper

  • Florida – 44%
  • New York – 43%
  • Ohio – 42%
  • Pennsylvania- 41%
  • California – 41%
  • Texas – 40%
  • Virginia – 38%
  • Illinois – 38%
  • Indiana – 36%
  • Michigan – 35%

“During the school closures and shifts to online learning over the past year, fathers have been stepping up in a big way when it comes to things like homework help and household duties,” says Patrick Quinn, Parenting Expert at Brainly, former teacher, and father of three.

Case in point: a whopping 68% of dads reported helping their kids with their homework much more often now than they did prior to the pandemic.

In addition, 78% of dads said they have a newfound appreciation

for their kids’ teachers after having to help their children homeschool during the closures. And perhaps the most touching finding from the survey? Over 69% of dads said the biggest silver lining during the pandemic for them has been getting to spend more time with their families.

The fact is, dads are great resources for their kids, and many work hard to help their kids succeed.

“These survey results further illustrate how this pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. As we slide into the summer months and families celebrate dads across the nation this Father’s Day, we’re realizing how much more of an active role dads are playing in their kid’s learning and schoolwork,” says Quinn.

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