Baking Sets That Will Make Your Kids Feel Like a Professional Chef!

Baking Sets That Will Make Your Kids Feel Like a Professional Chef!

Kids and baking…they go great together! It’s a chance to get them in the kitchen and away from screen-time, etc.

My 12-year-old daughter is a very hands-on and busy girl! She loves using her hands to create. She also loves baking!

When I was introduced to The Cookie Cups, I knew this would be something she would enjoy. Before I go into the review of the kits we received, let me share more about the company.

“Serial entrepreneur Nicole Pomije is the creator and owner of The Cookie Cups, a local bakery with two locations in the Twin Cities area. With a decade of marketing experience under her belt, Nicole started this baking business five years ago after making a mistake in her home kitchen. Since then, it has grown a substantial customer base and has been awarded with Best Apple Dessert in the Commercial category at well-known Excelsior Apple Days in Minnesota. The Cookie Cups has been seen in Buzzfeed, Forbes, Fast Company, and several other media outlets. Nicole is also the founder of marketing and PR firm NB Talent Services. She has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.”

You can read more about their story, here.

I received two fun kits to review with my kid baker. The first kit was the Pizza Making Kit! With the Pizza Making Kit, kids ages 3 and up will be able to bake a 12” pizza from scratch including making their own dough from flour. Just add your favorite cheese! This was a fun one! Check out the experience below:

As you can see, this kit was a hit! The pizza was pretty tasty too and was gone pretty quickly. I was impressed by the contents of the kit. My 12-year-old was so proud of everything! She enjoyed every second. The younger your child, the more supervision they will need. Since my daughter is older, she was able to do it on her own with just me in the other room just in case. 😉

The second kit we received was the Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit, you’ll get everything you need to make 24 mini cookie cups, including dry ingredients, cooking supplies, an apron, and my personal favorite, an adorable unicorn serving plate. This magical kit comes with a unicorn horn mold to make your own chocolate unicorn horns!

This one was my daughter’s favorite. She spent quality time in the kitchen working on these. How adorable is this?

These little cookie cups were yummy and were consumed pretty quickly by the whole family. Again, the contents of this kit are absolutely awesome. I love the concept and how it makes a child feel to just be in the kitchen.

I would like to thank everyone over at The Cookie Cups for giving my young baker the opportunity to try your kits. We are absolutely amazed and she wants to bake some more! 😉 Your kiddies would absolutely love these kits!

To learn more and to stay up to date with their products, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Product Photos by Kelly Clair

Lindsey Jenn

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