Throwing a Surprise Baby Shower – Here’s How!

Throwing a Surprise Baby Shower – Here’s How!

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Throwing a surprise shower for an expectant mother is always exciting yet nerve-wracking. Whether it is a friend or a family member, there’s a lot of emotions involved, especially happiness and anticipation.

Hosting a baby shower is an amazing way to shower the mother-to-be with love and support before her little one joins her world. This means that a baby shower can be a little overwhelming, especially when it’s a surprise.

From ordering party favours like a set of Yankee candles or chocolates to deciding on a theme to games and decorations, there’s a lot you need to plan out. Additionally, the biggest challenge of all – keeping the secret itself can be a little difficult especially if the expectant mother is someone close to you.

If you’re looking for tips to help you throw an amazing surprise baby shower, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our top tips to help you plan a surprise party for the expectant mother.

Let’s get started!

1. Pick A Date And Location

The first step in a surprise shower is to pick a date and choose a location. You’ll need to speak to the expectant mother’s partner to decide on a date they are free.

Since this will usually be in the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, you have a period to decide a date. After this, you’ll need to find a suitable location and check its availability. From local restaurants, someone’s home or maybe even a fancy venue, narrowing down the location beforehand and booking it is important.

You’ll also need to check for convenience for the expectant mother so that it’s easy for her to arrive without any hassles.

2. Choose A Theme And Send Invites

The next thing you need to do is decide on a theme.

Since the theme will have an impact on the decorations, games, shower favours and invites, deciding on the same can let you start with other elements of the shower.

Here are a few popular themes that you could consider –

  • Pop Culture
  • High-tea
  • Nautical
  • Victorian
  • Minimalist
  • Retro
  • Hawaiian/Luau
  • Aquatic
  • Unicorn
  • Safari
  • Mardi Gras

Once the theme is finalised, you can go ahead and get the invites ready. Whether it is a virtual invite or a physical one, having a themed invitation is a creative and fun idea.

Moreover, you can also start deciding on shower games and party favours along with the food and drinks you’ll want to serve. Incorporate the theme into the games and other components of the shower to stay true to the entire concept. From cliched shower games to personalised ones on the mom-to-be, having a mix of both will ensure an enjoyable time.

With the food and drinks, keep them light and easy to eat. Canapes, sushi rolls, cheese platter, fruit salad, hot hor d’œuvres are a few baby shower staples that you could consider. While you’re at it, make sure you have drinks that the expectant mother can have which are alcohol-free.

Additionally, also keep in mind to stay away from food that she is allergic to or something that may cause problems.

3. Prepare The Expectant Mother And Don’t Hesitate For Help

Although you need to keep the baby shower under the wraps, the expectant mother does need to be dressed up for it. You’ll have to find a way to have her leave her home, dressed up, without revealing the reason behind it.

This means that making fake plans for brunch or something along those lines can help you keep the party a surprise while also having the mum-to-be looking her best.

Additionally, since you’re bound to share a few mutual friends with the mother, consider having people help you out. Planning a baby shower can get overwhelming and having help can prevent you from stressing out or panicking too much.

4. Hire Services Or Professional Help

While this mostly depends on the kind of funds you have, having external professional assistance is always helpful. Whether it is for catering or for helping you set up the decoration, it can save you a lot of time and energy.

While not everyone would prefer hiring a professional, they do make things easier. If not a caterer or event planner, consider having a professional photographer to capture the amazing memories and important moments in the shower.

This will come in extremely handy for the expectant mother and can also be a gift. You can compile all the pictures and create a customised album for the mother-to-be.

5. Get Ready And Enjoy!

Once all the preparations are done and the D-day arrives, you’ll need to reach the location beforehand to make sure everything is according to plan. From fixing last-minute features to making sure everything is ready, you’ll need to do a final check.

You also need to make sure you’re dressed and ready for the shower and are ready to enjoy it with the expectant mother. While you may worry about tiny details and other elements, don’t forget to enjoy the shower with all the games and fun with the mum-to-be.

To Sum Up

Whether you decide to go all out or have a low-key event, a baby shower is always a special time for the new mum. Moreover, if things go well, it will always be fondly remembered.

With these few tips, you can plan an amazing surprise baby shower.



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