The Importance Of Keeping Your Kids Active As A Parent

The Importance Of Keeping Your Kids Active As A Parent

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As parents, we have a variety of responsibilities falling on our shoulders. Most adults only have to be responsible for themselves, but parents have a duty to be responsible for their children as well.

Why? Because kids are…well…kids! They don’t really know what they’re doing and will learn from those around them. They have no idea what’s good or bad for them until they are told.

Consequently, you have to do things to ensure that your kids are getting a good upbringing and are protected at all times. One thing that you need to do is to keep your kids active.

Activity levels in children need to be high, and for many reasons. Letting your kids sit inside all day playing video games is not going to be good for them. Sure, they can play games, but it needs to be alongside more physical activities.

Why is this so important? Have a read of the points below to understand why you need to keep your kids active and how you can do it:

Keeps your kids physically healthy

Active kids are going to be healthier than inactive ones. This is because their bodies are doing some form of exercise or at least being active. It will prevent your children from gaining weight at a young age, which is a serious problem for many kids.

Childhood obesity is a genuine concern, and bad habits in childhood lead to bad habits as adults. Conversely, positive habits as a child lead to positive habits as an adult. By keeping your kids active now, and encouraging them to move around more, you can instill good habits for a lifetime.

Obesity isn’t the only physical health problem to worry about in children. A lot of kids grow up with postural issues because they spend all of their time hunched over phones, tablets, laptops, etc. By encouraging your children to be active, you can force them away from habits that create poor posture. as such, they should grow up with fewer physical issues.

It is mentally stimulating

Alongside physical health benefits, keeping your kids active can be mentally stimulating. For one, you give your children something to do, so they are never bored. More physical activities release hormones that make you feel happy, which means your children can be in better moods after enjoying physical activities.

A lot of things that ensure your kids are active will require them to be outside. Again, this is great for their mental health as being outside is shown to improve your mood as well.

Your children feel more tired every night

Perhaps a tad selfish, but this benefits your kids as well! If children are staring at screens all day, they’re unlikely to get tired and fall asleep easily. As a parent, you know how challenging this makes bedtime!

With more physical activities as part of their daily routines, kids will start feeling more naturally tired every night. This ensures that a) it’s easier for you to put them to bed, and b) they get a longer night’s sleep every night.

How can you keep your children active?

What can you do to encourage your children to be more active every single day? It’s much easier than you think, and here are some suggestions:

  • Go to the local park – taking your kids here lets them run around for a couple of hours being super active. It’s a great place for them to have fun and meet some new kids as well.
  • Go for interesting walks – kids hate walking unless there’s something that interests them. Consider going to places like Inspiration Gardens where you can walk around but there are loads of different things on display. If you live near a beach, walking along the promenade is always a good idea as your kids could be intrigued by the sand or pebbles!
  • Sign them up for a sports club – it’s always a good idea to sign your child up for at least one sports club. This can be at school or via local clubs, but the idea is that they now have a reason to be active at least once or twice a week. Again, like the park, there’s also the chance to make a lot of new friends.
  • Get them to do chores for pocket money – simple things like cleaning their room, putting the washing away, taking the bins out, etc. All of these chores demand your child to be a bit more active, and it’s a good way of teaching them to work for their money.

On that note, you’ve seen why keeping your kids active is essential, and how to do it. Now, go off and ensure you stay responsible for your child’s wellbeing by preventing them from living a sedentary lifestyle.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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