A Guide To What Support Is Available to Veterans In Michigan

A Guide To What Support Is Available to Veterans In Michigan

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Currently, 634,000 veterans are living in the state of Michigan. To honor all those who have served and currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, the state of Michigan offers various benefits to support each veteran.

The benefits available to veterans range from financial exemptions, education and training programs, vehicle registrations, and assistance with employment. Here is just a selection of the support available to veterans as gratitude for their service.

Income Tax

Active-duty income and military retirement pay are both tax-free. Michigan Retired Military Pay Income Taxes is also not taxed. Michigan is one of 22 states that do not tax retired military pay.

Vehicle Registration Available 

Many disabled veterans may be eligible to register one vehicle with a disabled veteran plate for free. Whilst the specific rights will vary between states, anyone with a disabled veteran plate will be allowed to park in a designated disabled parking state. Additionally, any parking meter, time-restricted, on-street space will allow a car with a disabled veteran plate to park for free, without a time restriction.

Emergency Financial Assistance

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency will offer emergency assistance to those who are having temporary financial issues. Including requiring assistance to pay for utility bills, vehicle or home repairs, medical bills, or any other debts. There are numerous other resources to consider, including Soldier & Sailor Relief Funds, the Michigan Veteran Trust Fund, and the National Guard Family Program.

Loans Available For Properties

If you were looking to purchase a second home in a different state, for instance, if you had to change base, you may consider getting out a second loan to pay for the other house. Hero Loan has cultivated a collection of FAQs, which answer questions such as ‘can I have two VA loans?’. It is possible to have two loans out at once, but it depends on an individual’s circumstances.

Support With Employment And Training

Veterans transitioning back to civilian life will be offered veterans’ preferences. It will only be available to veterans and certain veteran spouses for initial employment with the state.

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) is designed to protect civilian job rights and benefits for veterans.

Michigan State Veterans Homes

Eligible veterans for VA health care or financial assistance for long-term care may be admitted. However, the veteran must have been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

Across the state of Michigan, there is a vast selection of support available for veterans residing in the state. Each benefit is a thank you to each veteran and should be utilized fully. Many benefits can provide great support to the spouses and children of veterans for their future.

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