4 Ways to Donate to Worthy Causes in Your Area

4 Ways to Donate to Worthy Causes in Your Area

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By Rachelle Wilbur

If you’re looking for charitable donations this summer, there are several ways you can give back to your community. Many local non-profit organizations offer opportunities for donations of not only household objects and money, but also of time. Here are a few ways to donate locally to a good cause.

Small Household Items

Donating small household items like clothes, pots or pans, and books is a great way to support a local organization. Some non-profits will turn around and sell you items in a thrift store to raise money for their cause. Others will give your items directly to needy families and children. Whichever they choose to do, your unused items will help to support low-income families or a non-profit organization.

Donate Large Items

You can also give larger items, like household appliances or cars to non-profit organizations. Some companies, like Give 2 Kids, knows that a car donation may be sold or auctioned off to raise a substantial amount of funds for a good cause. Otherwise, it may be given to a family in need who could really use a vehicle. Donating large items to a worthy cause can be a great way to make a big impact in your community.

Your Money

Most organizations will also accept cash donations, whether big or small. They may use the money for operating expenses or pay their employees. The money may also be used to purchase badly needed items for children from low-income families. A cash donation, like many of the other donations, is tax-deductible and is a great way to allow the organization to choose how to spend your gift.

Donate Your Time

Many organizations also allow for volunteer activities. When volunteering, you may be asked to complete a range of activities from sorting mail, to organizing goods, to working a front desk or cash register. Some organizations also offer more in-depth volunteer opportunities, like working with a team to build a house or fix up a yard. Depending on what your specialty area is, you can work with an organization to find what suits you best.

When looking to donate to a worthy cause, there are a variety of things you can consider. Many nonprofits and organizations will accept donations of items that you own, whether big or small, to sell in a store or give to families in need. Most also allow for donations of time or money to support their cause.

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