4 Ways To Make Money At College

4 Ways To Make Money At College

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Going to college is a dream for many, and it can open up so many opportunities that, depending on the career you want to get into, it can be essential. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though, and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. College costs a hefty amount of money; food, accommodation, books, travel costs, and the list goes on and on. So if you are planning on going to college (or if you’re already there), here are some great ways to earn money as you learn.


If you are particularly good at a subject, you could tutor other students. If you want to make a decent amount of money doing this, set yourself up correctly and advertise as cheaply as possible. Using social media is a great way to do this, but you can also put posters up in your dorm and around the college (check with the dean first, though, just in case there are rules in place about this).

Online tutoring is also really popular right now, both for parents of children looking to improve their education and people who are looking to earn money from home. Check out the best online tutoring services right now and see if they might be an option for you.

You don’t have to stick with college kids either; high school students may also need tutoring, and since you already know what it takes to get into college, and perhaps you even know about getting into Yale law or another highly sought-after school, you can help. Once you’ve helped one person, finding others will become easier because you can ask for a referral.

Do Deliveries

In order to be able to do deliveries, you’ll need a reliable vehicle, but if that’s no problem, then delivering packages for courier firms is an ideal job. If you prefer working with people to boxes, then you could become an Uber driver or similar.

The great thing about these part-time jobs is that you can set your own hours and that means not having to compromise on class and study time just to get some extra cash in. Remember, once the money starts coming in, put some aside in a savings account for the future if you can.

House Sit

If you are a responsible person, you can offer to house sit for people while they are out of town. This could mean staying in their house and making sure it’s protected, or it might mean dropping by a couple of times each day to feed the pets, water the plants, and generally make sure all is well. Either way, you should be able to get paid for your help.

This is a job that can have a number of benefits, even meaning you can save money on your college accommodation because you’re always staying at your clients’ houses (and you can stay with friends in between jobs).

Get A Temp Job

Sign up with local employment agencies for temporary (temp) jobs, and you could find something that fits in with your free time, but that still allows you to enjoy some relaxation too. Temp jobs tend to be administrative, so you would be answering the phone or filing.

You might even be tasked with customer service. Since you’ll be paid by either the agency or the company you’re working for, you’ll need to make sure about who is paying your taxes, so it’s best to ask so as not to fall foul of the law.

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