Learn More about Army Aviation – Interview

Learn More about Army Aviation – Interview

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From their humble beginnings working alongside the Wright Brothers, Army aviators have been pioneers in flight continually adapting to ensure readiness on the battlefield and modernization among its fleet of aircraft, including Chinook, Black Hawk, and Apache helicopters, unmanned aircraft systems, and fixed-wing aircraft.

While pursuing their passions for aviation, Chinook pilots – 1 LT David Toguchi and 1LT Abigail Bibb met at flight school in Fort Rucker, Ala., giving a whole new meaning to “love is in the air.” The newlyweds – married in North Carolina in May 2021 – are stationed at Soto Cano Airbase in Honduras.

Join me in a recent interview

with 1LT Abigail Bibb (as her husband planned to be on the interview also, but was called to mission) as she discusses how she met her husband, rolls in Army Aviation, and more.

Listen to the entire interview here:

In addition to helicopter pilots, the Army has many other careers available in aviation and aerial defense for those who are passionate about flight, including:

  • Unmanned aircraft systems operators
  • Aircraft and helicopter repairers and crew chiefs
  • Air and missile defense (AMD) crewmembers
  • Air traffic control operators
  • Aviation operations specialists

Today’s Army aviators perform complex missions,

with skilled aviators, aircraft support, and aerial defense personnel operating in the skies above every mission – some as far as outer space – and support troops on the ground.

Army aviators serve as the “eyes in the sky” for Soldiers on the ground, along with completing missions for search and rescue, as fighter pilots, medevac flights, aerial surveillance, humanitarian relief, and many more.

For more information go to  goarmy.com.  


1LT Bibb and 1LT Toguchi met at flight school at Fort Rucker, Ala., in 2019. They were classmates in their Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC) and flew together during their primary phase of flight school. 1LT Abigail Bibb is a Black Hawk helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army, currently stationed at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras.

She grew up in Santa Fe, N.M. In the 7th grade, she moved with her family to Washington, D.C., where she attended high school. 1LT Bibb attended college at the University of New Hampshire where she earned a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems before commissioning into the Army.

During her sophomore year of college, 1LT Bibb joined the New Hampshire National Guard along with ROTC. She was part of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), which allowed her to be in the National Guard and ROTC during school.

Her father is a former Black Hawk helicopter pilot, her oldest brother is a Civil Affairs Officer at Fort Bragg, N.C., her uncle served in the military as a flight medic, and her younger brother is currently a senior at West Point.

1LT David Toguchi is a Chinook helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army, currently stationed at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras. He grew up mostly in Southern Pines, N.C., after moving around for a few years while his father served in the Army. The family spent time in Hawaii where 1LT Toguchi became fascinated with helicopters watching them take off from his backyard.

1LT Toguchi attended college at East Carolina University where he earned a degree in Communication before he was commissioned into the Army.

1LT Toguchi’s father was a Strategic Planner in the Army and retired as a Colonel. His oldest brother and sister also served as Army officers.

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