The Benefits of Online Peer Counseling

The Benefits of Online Peer Counseling

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The pandemic has caused many of us to move our social and professional lives online. We’ve been forced to adapt to a ‘new norm’ that has brought with it waves of emotional confusion and pandemonium, which in turn have graduated to anxiety, depression as well as grief. Job loss and the need for financial belt-tightening have also compounded the problems.

It’s crucial that you find an outlet; someone with whom you can speak. However, the above-mentioned challenges have made licensed therapy prohibitively expensive. This is why many people are turning to alternative therapy, peer counseling.

What is peer counseling?

Peer counselors are trained to have exemplary emotional intelligence. Each of them has the ability to comprehend, connect and empathize with your specific situation. Furthermore, active listening and practical problem-solving are a significant part of our peer counselors’ repertoire. They have the ability to offer valuable advice that can be implemented in real-life scenarios.

Peer counselors have most likely experienced similar situations and have had to make challenging decisions and resolutions to combat their own emotional issues; that’s why we know you’ll find it easy to establish a resonating rapport with them.

The benefits of online peer counseling:

1. Privacy and safety from the comfort of your home

You have access to your peer counselor from anywhere, you can enjoy a quality treatment from the privacy of your own home. It’s much easier to speak to someone when you are in a familiar, safe space. You have peace of mind, your discussions are entirely confidential; complete discretion is assured.

2. Create long-lasting relationships

Everyone has their own story, and every chapter unfolds in a particular way for a specific reason whether we understand them at the time or not. They are here to provide support throughout your journey; this is where a peer counselor’s experience and individual story can be so helpful. Perhaps, it overlaps with yours at certain stages, and you can build a long-lasting relationship based on this commonality.

3. Affordability

As mentioned earlier, licensed therapy can be expensive and therefore inaccessible to many people. Peer counseling is readily available and costs much less than therapy.

4. Convenience

Peer counselors are here to provide you meaningful human support on your own terms when you want it. Online peer counseling is very convenient. It eliminates travel time, can easily fit in between other meetings and commitments and it’s handy to have a support person at just the click of a button. Peer counseling is not necessarily a replacement for therapy, but it offers a protected space where you can say whatever you want without any fear of judgment.

Peer counseling is available online so that you can have a consultation about your current worries and overall situation from your home (or wherever you feel comfortable.) The resources, tools, and human interaction facilities are available to ensure you live your best life possible in challenging circumstances.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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