Adventures of the Sensokids – “I’ve Got the Wiggles” – Book Promotion

Adventures of the Sensokids – “I’ve Got the Wiggles” – Book Promotion

“I received a copy of Adventures of the Sensokids – “I’ve Got the Wiggles” ($26.99/hardcover on Amazon) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”

Reema Naim once again,

introduces kids to their “seven” senses (not just “five”) in her new book.  She also introduces the Sensokids and their individual super sensory powers to help everyone understand their senses and as to why some kiddos LIKE to touch, smell, and taste, while others prefer not to be touched or keep their distance.

In this new story,

Naim’s Sensokids, Emma, Teresa, Vizzy, and Pro help Tereek with his “wiggles” as Tareek LOVES to move and needs to move.  If not, it’s hard for Tareek to listen.  The Sensokids show Tareek how to get his wiggles out in no time so he can focus and learn in class.


Adventures of the Sensokids – “I’ve Got the Wiggles” can be purchased at any local bookstore or at Amazon.  This book is geared toward educating parents, educators, and children ages 5-8 about their sensory “superpowers” and the important role they play in enabling them to navigate their environment.


Dr. Reema Naim, OTD, OTR/L moved to the U.S. from the U.K. and attended USC, where she pursued a career in occupational therapy. She graduated with her MA, OTR/L and OTD and started her own private practice, OT Studios, in West Hollywood, CA. She received her SIPT (sensory integration and praxis test) certification and created the Sensokids characters, whom she uses to educate children, families and students about sensory integration and the major role our sensory systems play in daily life. Her first book Adventures of the Sensokids: Oh Messy Me was released in September 2020 and named a “best gift for children with special needs” by The Today Show.


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