How to Buy the Right Car for Long Distance Travels

How to Buy the Right Car for Long Distance Travels

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When the time comes to being out on the open road, driving a suitable car can make a huge difference. The best car for a road trip needs to be fun to drive and also sporty. In addition to that, it must provide reasonable fuel economy. It needs to be spacious and infiltrated with convenient infotainment and safety functionalities.

Those who travel with families may prefer a big SUV like the Chevy Suburban or something tighter like the Lexus UX crossover. Drivers who want something sporty may go for the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 or the super-fast GMC Yukon Graphite Performance Edition.

When it comes to the best car for your road trips, fuel economy plays a big role, vehicle hybrids like the Range Rover P400e, Toyota Prius, Lexus ES 300h offer performance, hybrid fuel economy, and luxury. Car dealerships in waxahachie tx also provide many options for you to choose from.

Below let’s look at the best cars you can buy for your long-distance travels:

Buick Regal TourX

This is the ultimate state-of-the-art station wagon. The Regal TourX is ever ready for long-distance travel as it comes with a basic engine that is turbocharged and also has sophisticated all-wheel drive. The car can pick up which wheels require traction and adjusts them accordingly using an operative twin-clutch system.

This version of Buicks Subaru-like crossover comes with a luxurious and highly comfortable interior, useful for long travel journeys.

Chevrolet Suburban

This huge SUV provides a comprehensive road trip package – you’ll have space for up to seven or eight friends and other cool facilities like many power outlets, a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot onboard, a Blu-Ray CD/DVD player, and an optional HD rear with entertainment screens.

Although it can seat up to ten adults, this SUV is not as hungry for fuel as you may think. It has superior fuel management hardware and cylinder deactivation. This means the vehicle only utilizes four of its eight cylinders when all that energy is not required. Additionally, the Suburban offers a towing capacity of only 8.300 pounds. This is enough to pull enough boats, toy trailers, and quite a few campers.

Audi A6

Most Audi’s are mid-sized sedans that have transformed into top-notch luxury vehicles. The Audi 6 provides great features, performance, and style that qualify it as one the best cars for long-distance drives. It also has a three to six-cylinder engine available for use. If you’re looking for a more joyful driving experience go for the model with the six-cylinder engine. Its spacious interior is fantastic for a solo drive but is even better when you bring your family or four friends along.

The comfort that comes with the spacious interior also comes with Audi’s complete safety technology and celebrated performance. Starting with the fully secured Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Audi’s Quattro system is always operational and is not the same compared to the rear or front-wheel-drive sedan. It’s built-in such a way that it sends full power to your wheels to make sure you always arrive at your desired location.

Hyundai Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade has a mind-blowing luxurious interior. Its ability to shift by wire transmission makes it rank high as one of the coziest SUVs in the market for long road trips. In addition, it comes with cool technology options offering attributes that the Lexus brand has but at a more affordable price range.

The Palisade also has amazing characteristics to enable the driver to look after its passengers.

For example, theirs a “driver talk broadcast” feature that amplifies the driver’s voice throughout the sound system which becomes audible to all passengers. Another useful attribute distinct to the Palisade is the small warning lights on the dashboard for all seats. By taking just a single look you’re able to see who’s safely buckled up and who isn’t.

Lexus UX 250h

The new Lexus UX has a hatchback design and a compact cargo space at the back which makes it very practical for long-distance travel.

In addition to that, it doesn’t give off a feeling of being too compact inside. So you won’t feel claustrophobic, you’ll simply find a beautiful mixture of the brand’s driver aids and safety technology. This vehicle also comes with a reputable quality build and renowned bulletproof windows.

Cadillac ATS Coupe

The Cadillac has made a comeback and has shot to its throne of glory once again as an opulent car brand well known for its no-nonsense performance. This is the absolute road trip car, more especially for two or three people. The ATS Coupe can seat four grown-ups very comfortably even though it’s a coupe with only two-door entry points.

The big turbocharged V4 offers about 300 horsepower as well as 30 mpg on the freeway. So if you’re looking for a great balance of economy and performance the Cadillac is the way to go. It comes with a huge trunk for you to pack all items for the road ahead. You also get to enjoy the fantastic infotainment options and safety technologies at the driver’s disposal. For long journeys, you will find that you experience a thrilling drive given the dynamic technology it comes with.

Toyota Prius

The Prius can seat up to 5 individuals and comes with bulletproof reliability, huge cargo space, and more than 50 mpg. Its comprehensive suite of in-car features and infotainment options create a conducive environment for your passengers to have fun while you drive and for you to join in the fun as you drive. The Toyota Prius comes in many different models including comprehensive plug-in EV alternatives.


Traveling on the open road requires driving a suitable car designed to take the toll of the long road. For you to have the best road trip experience the car you drive needs to be fun to drive and also offer the best safety and infotainment characteristics. Apart from the car providing affordable fuel economy its needs to give you a ride you’ll never forget so, choose wisely.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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