4 Day Trips for Curious Kids With a Thirst for Adventure

4 Day Trips for Curious Kids With a Thirst for Adventure

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By Rachelle Wilbur

If you’re the parent of a child whose appetite for thrill and adventure cannot be satiated by visiting a park or recreation center, it’s next to impossible to stimulate their curiosity effectively with basic ideas. Luckily for you, there are a plethora of not-so-known domains and locations that not only encourage their young mind to wander and explore but provide lifelong information that transitions with them into their teenage and adult years. Whether you’re headed out the door in the next few hours or planning a weekend day trip, here are four ideas to get your journey started on the right foot.

Dinosaur Parks

Do you know what kids love more than dinosaur movies? Watching their favorite dinosaur species come to life right before their eyes. Dinosaur parks encourage the discovery of ancient reptilian creatures without navigating around the chaotic world of Jurassic Park while being chased by a T-rex and a bloodthirsty pack of velociraptors.

All movie references aside, dino-themed parks encourage kids to interact with other like-minded children, discover new fossils, consume interactive cinema related to their favorite animals and run around on the grounds that hold the memories of humanity’s origins. If you want to create lifelong experiences your child won’t soon forget, this is a choice you must consider.


There are some things in life that, for lack of a better phrase, go together. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, movies and popcorn, and finally, children and high-speed activities. Whether your child loves racecars or craves the sensation of wind blowing their hair while riding their bike through the neighborhood, speed is an element that piques their inner adventurer.

Ziplining combines the world of velocity and scenic views in a way that few hobbies or activities can. While each zipline setup is unique, most lines run through a lush forested area and complete their trajectory by reaching the other side of a valley. Although most rides finish their course within a minute, every second feels like an hour while wind brushes your child’s face, floods their heart with joy, and overflows their mind with a euphoric sense of wonder and amazement.

Animal Parks

If you want to watch your child’s eyes light up like never before, taking a day trip to a reputable wild-animal park is second to none. Unfortunately, seeing exotic and rare species of animals can be dangerous without the supervision of a guide or biologist, but what if there were a way for the average family to engage with breathtaking breeds while remaining safe?

With animal parks, our dreams manifest into reality with enclosures and natural habitats for wild animals to roam. More importantly, each enclosure allows children, parents, and everyone in between to get an up-close-and-personal sense of how powerful and majestic these animals are. There’s a wild world of animals ready to be studied out there, so why are you waiting? Visit an engaging wild-animal park, like Living Treasures Animal Park of Donegal.

Train Rides

In our fast-paced world of digital electronics and round-the-clock media consumption, slowing down and appreciating mother nature’s beauty is a rare treat. If you want to break up the monotony and relieve your stress while spending time with your child, taking a train ride through the countryside is a brilliant idea. Train rides are, generally speaking, a means of getting from point a to point b while taking in the awe-inspiring and vibrant landscapes that many humans never see. From witnessing the sun peak its vibrant face over the edge of a twisted treeline to watching the leaves perform their elegant dance as they begin to fall with the passing season, you won’t regret your decision to take a train ride.

Say ”Yes” to Life’s Wonders

Whether you’re juggling a hectic nine-to-five schedule, starting a newfound business, caring for your young ones or dealing with troubling times, carving time out of your day to spend time with your children is essential.

The moments you have today, although small and, perhaps, unassuming, create the memories you will cherish for a lifetime. Years from now, when you’re lying in bed and unwinding from the day, you’ll replay these delicate moments and fall in love with the idea of being a parent once more. And as any person who has children knows all too well, you never truly stop being a parent.

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