Important Career Decisions to Make When You Have a Family

Important Career Decisions to Make When You Have a Family

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Having a child changes everything. The life you had before becomes a thing of the past and you’ll quickly find that you’re going to have to change your usual routines – and pretty much everything you know – to adapt to raising a little one to the best of your ability.

One major area of life that can change is work. Many of us have career paths set out, but when you have children, you may find that you have to adapt to this. Some roles may not suit family life well, or you may find that your wants and needs change.

Here are a few different decisions you may find yourself having to consider when you adapt your career to suit family life.

Is the Job Dangerous?

Some jobs are inherently dangerous. Stunt people. Logging workers. Roofing. Scaffolding. Pyrotechnics. The list goes on. A job that you didn’t think twice about doing before having kids could quickly become something you reconsider when you do have little ones on the scene.

Weigh up the risks. Determine whether you want to continue this path. If you do, make sure you are well insured to cover your children’s future should the worst happen one day. If not, planning a new career can be a fun and interesting journey to take.

Does It Pay Enough?

The next thing to consider when looking at your work is whether it pays enough. Supporting a family costs money and while money isn’t the most important thing you can provide your child with, it will help to give them essentials such as shelter, warmth, food, clothes, and more.

So, determine how much you need to earn to support your family well and make sure that you’re only considering jobs that meet those needs.

Will You Enjoy It?

It’s important that you don’t hate the job you do. Sure, our lives aren’t our jobs. But you are going to spend a fair amount of time doing whatever you sign up for. So consider what you enjoy at work and look for a role that will allow you to engage with it.

Do you like marketing? Consider marketing roles. Do you like engaging with customers? Consider customer service or Customer Education roles. Do you like working with animals? You could work in a veterinary clinic, a sanctuary, or somewhere similar. Whatever you like, there will be a role for you.

What Are the Hours?

Different roles require you to work different hours. Some roles can be freelance, allowing you to choose your own hours. Some will be flexible hours. Some roles can be part-time. Some will require you to be in nine to five. Some will require night shifts. Make sure you’re aware of the hours of any job you choose and ensure you can work your family life around them. Generally, the more flexible the better.

As you can see, there are a fair few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right career for you and your family. But hopefully, the above information will work as a good starting point for you to begin from!

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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