Creating Content Full Time? Here’s 7 Tips for Blog Monetization

Creating Content Full Time? Here’s 7 Tips for Blog Monetization

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Blogging isn’t always easy. If you have been doing it for a long time, you understand the intricacies of running a site. You need to think about the design, layout, security, content, and extra features. This all takes a lot of time and effort, and you deserve to be rewarded for that time. So take a little break and see these tips for blog monetization.


Search Engine Optimization is the primary method of getting your site noticed. In a nutshell, SEO is how a search algorithm like Google knows what your content is about. It can then choose where to display your site or post on the results page following a search. For example, SEO uses descriptive titles with keywords, meta descriptions, and makes use of headings.

Use Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are advertisements for products or services. Yet, you get paid a small percentage for each click or sale ad through your unique ID. For example, you may place a relevant link to an online ministry leadership master degree program. You are subsequently paid when a client successfully enrolls for the university course after clicking your affiliate link.

Promote Relevant Products

Product promotion is an easy and excellent way to make money from your blog. The trick, like affiliate links, is to place products strategically. For example, you might run a video game review site. In that case, it is entirely relevant to promote the game you review. This can be done using contextual links to the product or direct image links to a gaming retailer.

Accept Outreach Posts

To further SEO, specialized companies may offer you blogger outreach posts to help build the SEO link juice of another dog or service with backlinks. They will usually pay you for the privilege of posting their content. It might not be much, maybe $10 per post. But it is free money for which you don’t need to lift a finger except to copy, paste, and post the content they send.

Use Google AdSense

Google is a massive corporation that makes most of its money from advertising. As such, you can get a piece of the action. You can sign up for Google AdSense and install the code into your site. Google will take care of the rest and display ads on your site relevant to your content. When one of these ads is clicked, or a purchase is made, you get paid.

Request Donations

One of the oldest methods of making money with a blog is to simply ask for it. Writing a good blog is time-consuming, and many people aren’t aware of the amount of work that goes into it. Most bloggers don’t make any money, yet time isn’t free. You can include a PayPal donation button on your blog and ask that people donate a small amount if they like your blog or find it helpful.

Offer Exclusive Content

Aside from your unique content, you can make extra money by offering sign-up bonuses. Not only will this increase your lead list and drive traffic, but you can also make money from additional products. Try to offer something fresh and relevant to your site. For example, suppose you run an IT site. In that case, you can offer a “Cybersecurity of Windows 11” eBook for $1 if a user becomes a member.

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