Brainly Keeps Your Kids Sharp with These Fun Holiday Learning Activities

Brainly Keeps Your Kids Sharp with These Fun Holiday Learning Activities

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With the end of the year holidays slowly approaching, that means no school for most students, but that also means more family time spent together! The past school year has been different than most for many kids due to the ongoing pandemic, so it’s important to maintain all of that great progress that your child has made while on holiday break.

Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform and homework help community, is here to keep you and your family busy with these fun and educational activities that the whole family can try during the festive season. Take a look!

Sharpen Skills with Holiday Math Activities

Practice math facts with these fun holiday math challenges. Math is equally easy to incorporate into your holiday activities.  Cooking favorite Thanksgiving recipes or budgeting for gift-giving are excellent ways to strengthen those practical math skills! This year, Brainly launched Math Solver, an AI-supported product focused specifically on providing step-by-step guidance to complex math problems

The Subject of the Season is Science

Explore the science of snowflakes, and then make your own. Even if there’s no snow on the ground where you are, you can bring some snowflakes inside with this fun hands-on chemistry experiment. Or try some kitchen chemistry with this recipe for peppermint cream wafers that are written like a chemistry experiment!

Holiday Reading IS FUNdamental

There are so many wonderful books about the holidays! If you’re looking for something fresh to read together, try this list of favorite Christmas books, or these roundups of Hanukkah books, books for kids who celebrate Christmas, and Hanukkah and Ramadan picture books.

Gratitude Around the World 

In an effort to sharpen your kids’ linguistic and cultural skills, you and the family can learn how to say thanks in multiple languages. This will start conversations about understanding and appreciating other ways of life. When you’ve finished, you can always type the phrases up and make a word cloud out of them. Check out this list that has over 100 languages to say “thank you”. They’ll be bilingual by the end of the year!

For all other subjects, join Brainly Tutor, which offers one-on-one instant access to qualified teachers to help solve problems and answer questions in real-time.

More About Brainly

Brainly is the online learning platform where over 350 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding. With their smartphones, users can snap a photo to instantly solve any problem or homework question and be matched with a Brainly product such as Community Q&A, Brainly Tutor & Math Solver.

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