How To Effectively Reduce Holiday Stress

How To Effectively Reduce Holiday Stress
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The end-of-year holiday period is supposed to give you a breather from the year’s stress. It’s a chance to give your body the needed rest to keep you from breaking down and get you prepared for the new year ahead.

However, the irony is the holiday season appears to be even more stressful, as you struggle to keep up with so many responsibilities. You might be tied up with work, a tall shopping list, or endless holiday activities that will demand a lot from you physically and mentally.

Even worse, all this pressure can also put you at risk of depression – not to mention the extra pressure resulting from the current pandemic. So, while you do your best to navigate the current holiday season, here are some effective ways to reduce stress as much as possible.

Focus on creating a positive atmosphere

People call it the season of love and giving, a time to be happy and make those around you smile. An effective way to reduce stress during the holidays is to make your home as stress-free as possible. Start by ensuring that every member of your home feels loved and part of the celebrations.

If you have kids, the last thing you want is to watch them throw tantrums or fight over Christmas gifts. If you have aging family members living with you, you’ll want to check on them often, so they don’t feel left out or ignored. If they’re losing their hearing because of age, using the right communication tips will help you better communicate with them and not make them feel isolated.

You might also want to discuss all your Christmas activities, especially those involving spending money with your partner, so it doesn’t lead to misunderstandings and arguments.

Set boundaries

Just because there are so many things to do during the holidays does not mean every activity is important. Try to set boundaries by deciding where you want to go, how long you want to stay there, what activities you want to participate in. Here, the aim is to avoid doing too many things and wearing yourself out.

You can expect the request to start flowing in at any time from now. Your parents might want you to visit, and your friends may want you to be present for the parties, your boss might want to put in some extra holiday shifts, etc. Be sure to set your boundaries before you find yourself depressed, waist-deep in activities, and having no time to rest. 

Prevent family conflicts

Your kids screaming in your eyes about Christmas gifts they don’t like, your partner unhappy about Christmas spendings, your siblings arguing about the party ideas – so many things can get on your nerves during the season. To keep yourself from snapping, try to avoid or prevent family conflicts as best as you can.

If your family already has a history of engaging in fierce political arguments over the dinner table, indicate to them in advance that you do not want any politics-related discussions during dinner. The same applies to other discussions that make you feel uncomfortable. You might also want to stay away from friends and gatherings that offer nothing but negativity.

Limit your spending

Financial issues are easily one of the leading causes of stress during the holidays, as many people grapple with tall shopping lists, vacation plans, etc. But while there are loads of attractive things to spend on during the holidays, you might want to limit your spending.

Even with various seasonal discounts and shopping deals available, holiday retail sales in November and December are always expected to rise.

Entertainment purchases, gift buying, travel expenses, and so on can all fuel financial burden and lead you into financial stress even before the year ends. To avoid this, try setting a budget, making sure that you cover all your basic or usual expenses like your rent and energy bills. Next, set a limit to how much you can spend during the holidays and plan your purchases or spendings accordingly. 

Debt can be very difficult to work with around the holidays, and when you’ve got all of the pressure of buying gifts on top of that debt, it can feel hopeless. It’s a good idea to give yourself a break when it comes to your debts, and you should consider debt consolidation if your debts are spread out. You can learn more about “What is Debt Consolidation” here. It makes owing money much more processable and easier to handle while you’re trying to focus on spoiling your family.

Keep a healthy routine

Staying active and sticking to a fitness regimen can give you the stamina and fitness to make it through the demands and heavy burdens of the festive period. In other words, the healthier and physically fit you are, the better equipped you are to handle stress.

Combine your healthy eating with regular exercises and sufficient sleep, and your body will be conditioned to make it through each demanding day with no issues.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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