De-stress the Holidays with a Great Organizational Tool

De-stress the Holidays with a Great Organizational Tool

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‘Tis the season for parties and events with families and friends. But, life doesn’t stand still while we prepare for all the activities. In addition to the family stuff, there’s likely group parties, school pageants, church programs, and so much more!

How do we make it ALL happen? All the schedules are enough to take much of the fun out of the upcoming weeks and months (and there are so many other groups and individuals you must take into consideration for your plans to “work”)!

There are other considerations as well, and LivingTree has solutions for all your multi-faceted organizational needs:

  1. Safety!: Keep your kids safe, with privacy controls. You control who sees the content on your calendar, posts, etc.
  2. Plan: Schedule out all the games (and practices), club meetings, parties, homework assignments (and tutoring sessions), PTA meetings, and beyond!
  3. Share: Let team families share those great team shots. Highlight the birthday-party pictures or shots from Christmas morning–for Grandma, who lives in Florida. Or, post the pictures from the work party. Only the designated group recipients will see your posts or photos.
  4. Support: We all should do a better job of asking for help! LivingTree makes it easy for you to set up a snack schedule for after-school activities, to ask your friends to bring a dish for your potluck, or just to give you a well-deserved “night-out” by taking care of the kids for a few hours!

We all need help sometimes, and the social media platforms currently available just don’t fulfill the most basic requirements for ease-in-connecting, organizing, and sharing your life with your groups, family, friends, and other acquaintances.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1 – Sign up for Living Tree with basic info required:

STEP 2 – Connect with family, friends, team families, teachers, and more! (Easy-to-use invites + clear-cut categories + role functions)

STEP 3 – Schedule & Share (Calendar + messages + memory-mix photo share)

The choice is clear! Sign-up today, and start connecting with all those important people in your life–in a safe, secure and FUN way! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity 🙂

Lindsey Jenn

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