Key Signs and Indicators It’s Time to Call a Pest Control Expert!

Key Signs and Indicators It’s Time to Call a Pest Control Expert!

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A wasp chasing a kid around the yard or a spider staring you down in the bathroom are obvious pest issues to spot, but most pest situations develop out of sight until they become a problem to solve. Being aware of the key signs and indicators will help you stay ahead of the pest game and know when to call in the advice of an expert.

Predacious Signs

Two of the most telling signs of pests are spider webs and wasp nests. These typically start in areas out of reach but close to the water and/or light sources. Even though they are typically easy to remove and we have all been taught to not worry about a stray spider here and there, the presence of these webs and nests is an indicator to dive in deeper. Since these are predatory pests, they are around because of other pest populations that they are eating. Learning what is lurking out of sight to make these or other predators such as centipedes set up shop will paint the rest of the picture.


Most pests in and around homes are dependent upon moisture. Mosquitoes need moist soil or standing water to reproduce, millipedes feed on decaying organic matter related to water collection sights, and the list goes on and on. Keep an eye out for early signs of mold or mildew especially in bathrooms, window tracks, and places where water collects close to the home or puddles in the yard. These water collection areas are key places to watch for pests. Often times just finding the water is reason enough to adjust something to make that spot less attractive to pests.

Migrating Nests

Many pests have their place in the yard, but if those nests such as ant hills start to multiply or pop up closer and closer to the home, that can be an indication that they are starting to find beneficial elements of the home through shelter, water, or food.

Fecal Matter and Cast Skins

Many pests such as flies and cockroaches will leave behind black specks that could be confused with pepper. These specks are rarely where you remember tossing some pepper and may indicate that they are some pest’s fecal matter. Though the pests are likely not going to be in sight, their droppings indicate they are there when you are not. Similarly, many pests molt as they develop and will leave behind their shed exoskeleton as a sign they are growing and developing.


Unfortunately, the first signs of pests such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, and other blood-dependent pests are the bites on the skin. The difficult part is each person reacts differently to different bites and many reactions or infections will look identical to bug bites.  A welt on the skin does not mean there is a pest problem, but it can be a reason to start the investigation..


Many pests will have their presence be the first sign they are hanging around.  If you see a pest you know, don’t hesitate to ask an expert why that pest would want to be there. Oftentimes, just learning about a pest and its preferred environment will help indicate the change that needs to take place. In some cases, that will be changing the water or humidity levels. In others, that may be changing the light situation through different color bulbs or window coverings.

Inspect and Seal

The high volatility in the seasons in Michigan means that the environment around your home is constantly changing. Regular inspections around the home for signs of pests along with developing cracks, crevices, and other entry points that could be used as access points for pests will indicate where efforts may be focused to minimize current pest activity as well as prevent future occurrences.

The more you know your home and the more you know your pests, the better you can prepare against any unwanted visitors. If you have questions on signs, pests, or what should be done for a particular situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert at Rove Pest Control.

Have an entirely different problem lurking near or in your home, for example, pigeons? A pigeon removal service may be something else to consider if this applies to you.

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