The Importance of Auto Maintenance During the Winter

The Importance of Auto Maintenance During the Winter

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As the temperatures drop and the cold winds of winter come your way, it will be more important than ever to keep your motor vehicle in great shape. However, since many people don’t like to spend much time outside in the winter, they tend to let many basic auto maintenance tasks go unchecked. When they do, the result is usually a breakdown when they least expect it. Rather than find yourself in this predicament, here is why auto maintenance during the winter is so important. 

Changing Wiper Blades 

When you are driving down the road in the winter and have snow or rain beating down on your car, you’ll be very glad you took some time to change your car’s wiper blades. If you don’t do this easy auto maintenance task, you could find yourself involved in a serious accident. If you can’t change the blades yourself, most auto parts stores will be glad to do it for you. 

Inspecting Your Brakes 

On a snowy or icy road, getting your vehicle to stop easily is a challenge. If your brakes are not working properly, coming to a stop may be almost impossible. While cold weather doesn’t usually affect your brakes due to the friction and heat generated within your braking system, having to constantly apply lots of pressure to your brakes can wear out brake pads or rotors that are already on their last legs. If your brakes or any part of your car have deteriorated, it’s important to find a replacement. If you drive a foreign car, you may need to find a service that keeps foreign parts in stock. For example, by taking your car to services such as All German Auto, you can know your brakes are in great shape. 

Prevent Dead Batteries 

When it’s cold outside, your car depends on its battery perhaps more than at any other time of the year. If you haven’t looked at your car’s battery for a while, do so before you find yourself with a dead battery. If it looks like it has any corrosion on it, it likely needs to be replaced. With most cars, batteries need to be changed every five to seven years, so know the age of your battery. In addition to corrosion, leaving your car’s lights on can quickly drain your battery. Make sure to always ensure that your car is turned off after you have finished parking it. 

Check Your Tires 

If your tires are worn out and have low pressure, you are putting yourself at great risk of having an accident during the winter. By checking your tire pressure at least once per week and replacing any tires that have low tread depth or other issues, you’ll be much safer when driving down a snowy highway. Tires with insufficient pressure generate more traction which can cause them to deteriorate significantly faster than tires that have the proper air pressure. 

Whether you perform these auto maintenance tasks yourself or have your car serviced by professionals, doing so will keep your car in great condition and give you peace of mind while you’re behind the wheel.

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