How to Parent with Depression!

How to Parent with Depression!

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Having depression doesn’t mean that you can’t also be a fantastic parent. It will be hard, of course, but then so is all parenting. Depression means that you will need to be more conscious of certain behaviors and take care of yourself even more than you would if you didn’t have this condition.

If you are a parent with depression, there are ways that you can be helped and ways that you can help yourself. These techniques may not rid you of the condition entirely, but they will help you to manage it until such time as you can become well again.

Good Enough

Although everyone strives to be the perfect parent, that is another way to become more unwell. Perfection doesn’t exist and shouldn’t be sought out because, when it can’t be achieved or found, it will make your depression worse through feelings of inadequacy.

The critical thing to remember is that good enough really is good enough. Some days will be better than others, some days will be a lot more challenging to deal with, but if ‘good enough’ is where you always plan to be, you and your children will benefit greatly. It’s when you try too hard that you become a less effective parent.

As long as you take care of their needs, whether that’s ensuring they feel loved, have plenty of food and clothes, or obtain help for autism from an ABA therapy agency, you’re doing fine.

Talk To Others

Talking through a problem has always been a great method of making yourself feel better. Not cured, of course, as depression is more deep-seated than that but better than you would have felt if you had kept all your problems bottled up.

Therefore, finding people you can talk to about how you feel when things start to get too much for you to deal with is essential. This might be a professional therapist or your doctor, or it could be a group of other people who feel the same way (either online or in person).

It might just be one person who you know you can rely on to listen to you. Whoever it is, and whatever the reason you need to talk things through, knowing that you can do it is part of what will make you feel more like you again in the first place.

This group is vital in reminding you that you are not alone. Many parents fight depression daily, and what you are feeling and thinking is not something you need to go through alone.

Look After The Rest Of Your Health

Having depression doesn’t mean you can forget about the rest of your health. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are crucial to maintaining a healthy body, and even if you don’t feel like doing these things, they are important and should be done.

As a parent, you aren’t only responsible for yourself; others look up to you and follow your examples. Therefore, showing your child or children that exercising and eating the right foods is a good thing to do will help everyone. Children imitate their parents, and if they see you eating junk food and not working out, yet you tell them that they should be eating their vegetables and playing outside, they will be confused.

It is also vital that you visit a healthcare professional if you feel unwell or seem to be developing symptoms of any other diseases. Your health is vital, especially when you are a parent, and getting yourself checked out should be at the top of your list.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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