What Faucet Water Says About Your Home’s Condition

What Faucet Water Says About Your Home’s Condition

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Clean water is the key to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, which is why it is important to ensure that your water supply is safe to use. Some people use a filtration system to purify their water. Others get water directly from their tap.

If your water begins to taste funny, chances are there’s at least one issue going on in your home. Whether your water heater is in dire need of replacement or there’s faulty plumbing present, here are some potential problems worth looking into.

Your Pipes Have Waterborne Germs

As you may or may not know, your water faucet can accumulate germs within the piping. When this occurs, they’re transferred into your drinking water when you turn it on. Pipes that aren’t regularly used are especially vulnerable to collecting germs.

If this is the case, you’re putting yourself at risk of everything from flu-like symptoms to lung and brain-related diseases.

While some germs are always present, you can take steps toward preventing serious side effects. Regular use of drains, flushing, and sanitizing your piping to the best of your ability will keep waterborne germ-related illnesses at bay.

Your Property Is Polluted

Typically, your water source comes from your immediate environment. Power plants and other businesses that handle chemicals can get into your water if they’re close enough. Fortunately, there are tests that these businesses use to ensure they’re minimizing the pollution to the surrounding areas.

If the levels are higher than you like, consider investing in a well. Having your own well gives you more control of your water source.

You Have Hard Water Buildup

Similar to local chemicals and pollution, there are naturally-occurring minerals that build up in your faucet water. For instance, calcium, iron, and magnesium are common compounds within your water. Although they’re typically beneficial for your health, they can also carry other organic bacteria with them. Calcium deposits can even accumulate within your water heater and cause unnecessary strain on your system. If you notice a loud popping or banging noise coming from your system, contact a professional such as Mr Waterheater to handle repairs before the damage becomes too serious.

When you notice your laundry isn’t being cleaned, you have weak water pressure, or clogged pipes, hire a professional service for stronger, better pipes.

The water that comes from your faucet says a lot about your immediate surroundings. In small doses, the previously mentioned signs aren’t harmful to your overall health. In order to keep these from spiraling out of control, it’s important for you to perform regular maintenance. Combine your regular household tasks with at least one inspection every year for better overall faucet water.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.

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