Why Do Some Children Struggle To Learn?

Why Do Some Children Struggle To Learn?

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It’s fair to say that some children do struggle to learn and excel in subjects compared with others. Let’s explore why this is happening and what parents or teachers can do to correct the issues that may be apparent.

The Wrong Environment

First, there are various resources and studies which suggest that the school environment can have a tremendous impact on a child’s ability to learn. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you do spend a little time preparing the classroom the right way. It can also be useful to change the classroom design for different subjects and classes. In doing so, it’s easier for students to distinguish between different subjects and gain similar results. One of the best ways to change a classroom layout is to use classroom dividers. This is also useful to separate students into smaller groups and ensure that they can concentrate on a particular subject. 


You might also want to consider the factor of distractions. Some children are more easily distracted than others. This can be due to how they learn and process information. If that’s the case, then speaking to a cognitive therapist can be the right decision. In other cases, distractions can be simpler. For instance, it’s possible that a child has a crush on someone in their class. In cases like this they are always going to find it far more difficult to learn and get the information that they need. That’s why it’s important to talk to a child and find out whether something is distracting them.

Learning Methods 

Next, you should think about exploring different learning methods. People often assume that children all learn in the same way. This isn’t the case. Children learn in a variety of ways. Some are more effective at learning through audio cues while others find it easier to learn using video content. If you think that a child is struggling to learn, then the first step should always be to try different learning techniques. It’s possible that this will provide the right answer and help a child absorb information more easily.


Finally, you should consider the factor of confidence. Sometimes, children are unsure of themselves and this makes it more difficult for them to learn. One of the reasons for this is that if they lack confidence, then they are going to be less willing to put themselves out there. If they do not understand a point or something isn’t quite clear, they may not receive the clarification necessary. That’s why it’s important to boost a child’s confidence in any way possible. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you are focusing and praising areas of strength during the learning process.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key factors that can impact how a child learns and whether they have any issues in this area. In doing so, you can ensure that a child does not fall behind the rest of the class.

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