Top 5 Home Interior Upgrades You Can Do With Your Family

Top 5 Home Interior Upgrades You Can Do With Your Family

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By Lizzie Weakley

DIY home interior upgrades are an excellent way to spruce up your home. DIY projects are also a great way to spend time with family while allowing each family member to add their own personality to your home. If you’re looking for family-friendly DIY projects, here are five simple home interior upgrades you can do with your family.


A fresh coat of paint can instantly take a room from dreary to cheery. Applying a fresh coat of paint also costs much less than other home upgrades, and it’s a simple home interior upgrade you can undertake without hiring professional painters. Get family members excited about the project by allowing them to choose their favorite colors. Just ensure the colors they pick complement each other well.

And if you have kids, allow them to participate too. Give them a quick demo with a brush, and then let them attempt to paint a wall you can repaint if necessary. Painting with your kids is an excellent way to engage them while you bond.

Update Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing makes a kitchen more unsightly than worn-out cabinetry. While installing new cabinets can transform a kitchen with old-fashioned cabinetry, it isn’t necessary.

You can update kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost by replacing old handles and drawer pulls. Not only is updating cabinetry affordable, but it’s also a simple project to undertake, making it suitable for the whole family.

Hang Up Mirrors

If your living space feels cramped and dark, mirrors can make it feel roomier and brighter. When placed opposite windows, mirrors reflect light into a room, creating the illusion that it’s larger.

Working with family members to hang mirrors can ensure you hang them up properly. Family members can also provide you with tips on mirror styles, placement, and more, making it a DIY project best done collaboratively.

Upgrade Lighting

Like mirrors, good lighting can make a cramped and dark living space appear airy and bright. If some sections of your home are particularly darker than others, consider adding table and floor lamps to the dark areas to brighten them up.

Additionally, consider switching to modern LED bulbs if you’re using outdated incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs last longer and are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, meaning they can significantly lower your energy costs. Engage family members by requesting them to swap out bulbs around the home to get the project done faster.

Clean Windows

Over time, windows can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. These pollutants can make your windows look unsightly, block your views, and prevent natural light from entering your home. Restore your windows’ sparkle by cleaning them with a window cleaner. Alternatively, you can also make a homemade cleaner using water and vinegar.

Once you have a window cleaner and microfiber cloth ready, task each family member with cleaning windows in a particular room in your home to help you complete the task faster.

Final Word

Some home improvement projects can prove quite challenging if done alone. However, many hands make work light. If you want to undertake a project without getting overwhelmed, consider tackling one of these simple projects with your family.

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