Summer Activities to Keep Your Kids off the Couch

Summer Activities to Keep Your Kids off the Couch

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Summer breaks are an opportunity for kids to explore their interests after spending the school year focusing on academics. While your kids may start their summer full of motivation to try new things, the truth is that many kids wind up spending hours on the couch staring at a screen. Overcoming the appeal of electronics and social media isn’t that hard when you’ve already planned a few screen-free activities. This summer, you can use these ideas to keep your kids physically active and mentally engaged.

Give Them a Set of Wheels

Bicycles, rollerblades, and skateboards are all great for giving your kids a fun way to get around the neighborhood. Rolling around also helps your kids to get some fresh air and burn off energy without even feeling like they are exercising. If your child hasn’t learned how to ride a bike, make sure to teach them to help them avoid getting hurt. Then, consider buying some fun accessories to make their riding experience more appealing.

Send Them to Summer Camp

If you dread hearing that your kids are bored this summer, then you have some options for filling entire days up with activities. You can find week-long summer camps that are designed to entertain kids while giving them an opportunity to socialize in a safe environment with their peers.

STEAM summer camps often plan theme-based activities that teach and reinforce science and math concepts in fun ways that kids love. For example, your kids might participate in a dinosaur dig or build their own catapult as they pretend to defend their castle. Promoting creativity in a safe social environment will help your kids have a memorable summer.

Join a Summer Reading Program

Many libraries create reading programs to help kids keep their skills up during the summer. Without any classroom homework, your kids have the freedom they need to pick any book that captures their interest. Once they’ve got their selection of books, you can make this activity more inviting by setting up a reading nook in your home. You can also set up a hammock outside to encourage your kids to read outside of the house.

Set Out Materials for Open-Ended Art

It’s amazing what kids can come up with when they are given what they need to express their creativity. Find a small shelf and fill it up with crayons, paper, and other fun art supplies. Depending upon your kid’s age and level of responsibility, you might also put out paint, clay, and other materials that add a sensory element to the activity.

The summer months don’t have to turn into a video game marathon. Instead, doing a little planning now can help your kids find activities to do that stimulate their development. From signing up for a summer camp to reading through a list of books from their favorite author, they’ll have lots to talk about by the time they go back to school.


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