Top Hospitality Jobs in Michigan

Top Hospitality Jobs in Michigan

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The state of Michigan is one that sees a lot of visitors passing through each year for business and pleasure. In addition, there are many residents in towns and cities around the state who are always on the lookout for places to go so they can enjoy some time out from their daily routine.

This is why the hospitality industry in this state is so important, and it is thriving thanks to the many people from within and outside the state who are looking for hospitality services.

When it comes to forging a career in Michigan’s hospitality sector, there are many different jobs that you can consider and a range of different environments that you can work in. For those who want to pursue this type of career, having some work experience can be helpful even if it is just in the form of part-time, weekend, or voluntary work while at college.

In addition, accessing cover letter builder and resume tools online can help you to create a great resume to boost your chances of success. In this article, we will look at some of the top hospitality jobs to go for in the state.

Some of the Your Options

You need to consider your interests, skills, qualifications, and experience when it comes to choosing the right hospitality career for you. Some of the options that you can consider are:

Hotel Management

There are many hotels that can be found throughout Michigan, from budget accommodations to 5-star establishments. One of the career options that you can consider is hotel management, and this can provide an exciting career where you earn good money and get to meet people from around the globe.


Another option for those with culinary skills and qualifications is to work as a chef. There are different types of chef positions you can consider depending on your area of expertise and training.

In addition, you can choose to work within a hotel setting or at one of the many wonderful restaurants found across the state. Depending on your experience and the chef job you go for, you can earn very good money while treating customers to a wonderful culinary experience.

Bar Supervisor

Michigan is filled with bars that are frequented by visitors and residents of the state alike, and these bars need to be managed and run like clockwork. If you think you could help with this, you could look at getting work as a bar supervisor or even manager depending on your experience levels.

This is a fun, exciting, and rewarding job where you can build your management experience in hospitality.


One of the other options is to go for front-of-house jobs, which could be in a hotel or in one of Michigan’s high-end restaurants. This is an ideal option if you are outgoing, love to deal with customers, and can offer excellent service.

These are some of the many options that you can consider if you want to get into the hospitality industry in Michigan.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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