Summer is Officially Here! Tips and Tricks for the Best Pool or Beach Day

Summer is Officially Here! Tips and Tricks for the Best Pool or Beach Day

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It’s official – the summer season is here!  I wanted to share a few awesome hacks to make your beach/pool days even better. These tips & tricks are via TheSoul Publishing – an award-winning publishing co. behind one of the top five YouTube channels, 5-Minute Crafts, (76M+ subscribers and 140M+ social followers).

Top Beach/Pool Hacks

Fly Away Hat Hack:

Any beach go-er knows that sometimes, wind at the beach can be your worst enemy! If you find that your hat is sometimes flying off due to strong beach winds, try this hack. Simply take your beach hat and sew in two small loops of fabric on either side, close by to your ears. Next, take a bobby pin and add on both loops. Next time you decide to wear your hat to the beach, simply fasten the bobby pins into your hair, keeping the hat securely in place!

DIY Drink Floatie:

In the hot summer weather, a cool drink is a must! Next time you’re going swimming in the pool, try this quick and easy DIY drink floatie hack. Cut a standard pool noodle into 4’s, taking two pieces and hot gluing them side-by-side. Next, take a can or standard cup and trace the outline of your drink onto the top of the pool noodles. Cut along the traced circle, going only about halfway into the noodle. Next, place the noodle with the drink into the pool and you’ll have a cold drink floating by your side!

Float Repair Hack:

If you find a hole in your plastic pool float, try this repair hack before throwing it away! Take a piece of parchment paper and a clothing iron, placing the paper over the hole in the float. Using the iron, apply the heat and pressure onto the ripped part of the float. The heat should fuse the float back together, fixing the hole and stopping the air from leaking out!

Find even more of 5-Minute Crafts’ great summer hacks here!

Photo images courtesy of TheSoul Publishing/5-Minute Crafts

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