Social Skills for Children Learning to Play Together

Social Skills for Children Learning to Play Together

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Learning to play together with friends is an essential building block for children as they develop their social skills. The experts at Watson Institute offer a number of social cues and components that are intrinsic to playing with peers.

The social skills module prepared by Watson’s consultants breaks this down into two parts:

1. How to politely get your friend’s attention

2. How to share and take turns when playing.

Part one teaches your child or student that in order to get a friend’s attention, be sure you are looking directly at them or that you are in their line of vision and say their name aloud. If they are looking elsewhere, you may try gently tapping them on the shoulder while you say their name.

Sometimes our friends are busy in conversation with someone else or doing an activity that requires their focus. If after a few attempts, they do not acknowledge that you are speaking to them, try again later or move on to another friend.

Part two teaches your child or student about the importance of sharing and taking turns when playing with toys or during a game. If a friend has a toy that your child wants to play with, they should ask politely if they can take a turn.

The other child could say yes and give your child a chance to play, or they could say no. If they say no, be patient and play with something else until they are done with the toy.

Try teaching your child the important social skills to help them play nicely with their peers by using the social skills module which includes activity guides, mini-schedules, and homework assignments.

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