Share your Story: A Guide for Digital Storytelling

Share your Story: A Guide for Digital Storytelling

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Digital storytelling may be a terrific way to establish ties between your family and social circles. Even whether you’re writing a memoir about yourself or a deceased loved one, you may help people understand you or your loved one in a new light. Few individuals know about your life experiences and facts. What is the origin of a family tradition? Are there any commonalities among the members of your family? Consider all of these factors and more when developing your digital story. Find out how to do digital storytelling in this article.

Begin with a Thought

Digital storytelling is no different when it comes to the genesis of a story concept. A digital story can be both fiction and non-fiction. Write a proposal or sketch a mind map or utilize any other pre-writing technique once you have an idea in your head.


To write a digital tale, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, you’ll need to investigate, explore, or learn about your subject matter. It is through this process that you will get an understanding of how to validate the information and how to identify information bias.

The organization is critical at this point. To retain track of important information, consider using mind-mapping techniques. Blueprints, flashcards, and digital note-taking tools are all effective methods of organizing information. The following stages are significantly simpler if you can arrange your material online.


As a writer, nothing is more frustrating than a blank piece of paper. That’s why the two pre-writing processes listed above are so highly recommended. If you have a proposal, you may turn it into an introduction with a little modification. The script’s body should fit together like a jigsaw piece if you’ve done your homework well. You only have to figure out how to put the parts together.


A solid screenplay isn’t the conclusion of a good story; it’s only the beginning. This is the point at which we begin to learn about visual media. Sound and picture comprehension begins with storyboarding. Decisions concerning visuals, video, and music will be based on this template. The writing and images/video will be the only things on a simple storyboard. Transitions and background music may be incorporated into more complex ones.

Amass and Produce Visuals, Audio, and Video Content

Writing may be made to come to life using this “material.” Your storyboard is a great starting point for collecting or creating pictures, audio, and video clips. Every decision you make will affect the overall feel and mood of your digital tale.

Develop your audience’s understanding of visual elements including visual hierarchy, tone, and illustration. Consider Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons at this time as well.

Bring Everything Together

To make a masterpiece, your storyboard has to be tweaked and you need enough “material” to do so. This is where the magic occurs. You’ll find yourself going back to your storyboard and making revisions.


At long last, the rest of the world can see your tale. Because internet sharing has become so ingrained in our society, we should welcome it.

As you recount your own or a loved one’s life story, be sure to include as many individuals as you can. We’re all a part of something bigger, and understanding where you fit into the bigger picture may be comforting for some individuals.

Digital storytelling has the potential to strengthen and deepen ties among families. When you share a piece of your family history, stories about my life, you open the door to new inquiries and discussions that might strengthen the relationships between you and your relatives. You may even encourage someone else to start a new tradition as a result of this.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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