Cupixel Launches New Art App for Families/Kids

Cupixel Launches New Art App for Families/Kids

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Cupixel, an experience start-up that brings the joy of creating art to everyone, announces today that the company secured $5M in seed funding led by JOANN(NASDAQ:JOAN).

The Cupixel app harnesses state-of-the-art AR and AI technologies and pairs it with innovative content, premium art materials, interactive tools, and live or on-demand artist-led experiences, enabling people to easily create striking works of art. People who have never before made art can create spectacular paintings and drawings in limitless styles, with limitless subjects, choosing from an extensive gallery of images and fonts. Cupixel offers people a creative outlet and all the benefits that go with that—wellbeing, mindfulness, and joy. The Cupixel app is available on Google Play and the App Store for $12.99/month, and Cupixel offers a limited experience to users for free.

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