Brainly Survey: Are Summer Camps Closing the Education Gap?

Brainly Survey: Are Summer Camps Closing the Education Gap?
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By Brainly
The recent pandemic has caused great concern that students have fallen behind due to remote learning. In a recent survey conducted by the leading homework help app, Brainly, 32.9% of students attended summer camps in 2022 versus the 24.7% who attended in 2020 and 2021 –  with nearly 63.4% of respondents stating their 2022 camp involves some form of academic work.
Could Summer camps help close the education gap teachers have been so concerned about?
>> 57.8% of students are attending a camp hosted by their school
>> Nearly  of respondents focus on mathematics in their camp  
>> 53.2% of summer camps were day-camps while 36.1% of students attended a sleep away camp this year
>> 28.9% of respondents marked the thing they most enjoy about their camp is “learning something new”
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