Summertime Do’s & Dont’s for Healthy Pets-Recognizing the Ways Your Dog Cries out for Help – Interview

Summertime Do’s & Dont’s for Healthy Pets-Recognizing the Ways Your Dog Cries out for Help – Interview

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Recognizing When Your Dog May Be Itching for Help

With warm weather in full swing, seasonal allergies may be affecting some of us – even some of our furry friends. While all dogs may occasionally itch, lick, or scratch, it’s important to know when these habits may be signaling a more serious medical condition — allergic itch.

Skin allergies are the number one reason for veterinarian visits and there are still an estimated 7 million dogs that go untreated for allergic itch[i] In fact, many people may not realize dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies and irritation, just like people do.

Some symptoms of allergic itch include:

  • Frequent scratching, licking, or chewing
  • Excessive rolling, rubbing, or scooting
  • Recurrent ear problems: head shaking, ear discharge, or scratching at the ears
  • Hair loss, body odor, or skin changes: rash, redness, greasy skin, or scabs

88% of pet owners with newly itchy dogs have tried up to 15 at-home treatments before seeing the vet.[ii] It is important to provide awareness and education early on to pet parents whose dogs have allergic itch.

Doing so will empower these owners to have more direct conversations with their veterinarian about this medical condition, which is like eczema in humans. It is crucial to get answers about the cause of a dog’s allergic itch early – and from a reputable source – since prolonged or recurrent scratching and itching can lead to additional problems, including skin infections.

Some causes of allergic itch include:

  • Contact allergies to things like household cleaners, shampoos, plants, and insecticides
  • Flea allergy
  • Food allergy (reaction to something in a dog’s diet)
  • Environmental allergies, including pollen, dust mites, or mold

August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month (IPAM) and recently I had the pleasure of interviewing, Dr. Shannon Cabell, Consumer Lead of Dermatology at Zoetis, the leader in global animal health, as she was available to discuss:

  • The signs and causes of allergic itch in dogs
  • The importance of speaking with a veterinarian about the best treatment options
  • Available educational resources to help pet owners whose dogs may be experiencing allergic itch

See the entire interview here:  (8) Itchy Pets – Michigan Mama News – YouTube

Interview is courtesy of Zoetis Inc

[i] Data on file, Pruritus Market Opportunity Study, 2020, Zoetis Inc.

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