5 Home Security Hacks and Tips That You Should Implement Right Away!

5 Home Security Hacks and Tips That You Should Implement Right Away!

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Whenever you are at home, you feel very comfortable, safe, and secured. You feel so invulnerable from anything or anyone from outside world. But if you have weak security, there’s a great chance that sooner or later you will become vulnerable. If those people with bad intentions found out how weak or little your home security is, you will be targeted anytime soon!

Don’t get afraid! That’s not my intention with this post. In fact, I wrote this to give you the most effective hacks and tips to strengthen and upgrade your home security. Read them below and make sure to apply them as soon as possible.

1. Check your yard for possible hiding places.

If you have a big yard, make sure it’s neat and properly trimmed. Yards with overgrown trees and bushes are perfect hiding places for burglars. Make sure to trim those tree branches that can reach your windows and those bushes that create shadows that could hide burglars. Homes with a neat yard often discourage thieves according to statistics.

2. Upgrade your garage’s security.

Garage is one of the most often used entry point of burglars. If not properly secured, your garage can give the thieves quick access to your home! Here are a few tips from better built garage doors that can keep your garage more secure than before.

Hide expensive tools from plain sight and keep the doors shut as much as possible.

Always lock the door from your garage that leads inside your home. Never leave this door unlocked even the garage door is completely shut off.

Install motion sensor lights. Place them high enough so it’s impossible for thieves and alike to smash them up. This alone can discourage them from entering your garage door.

3. Use locks that are not easy to “pick”.

With a simple YouTube search, you can find lots of lock picking tutorials that thieves and burglars can watch.  This is quite scary if you are using normal locks that are easy to pick in few seconds or so.

To combat this, you must use special lock with anti-bumping capability. These locks are available at home improvement stores. You can also opt for electronic and magnetic locks that makes lock picking nearly impossible.

4. Invest in and install good CCTVs.

Installing CCTV or security camera can’t keep burglars or thieves out of your home. What it can do is record the activity around your home and catches each and every person that goes in and out your door. Homes with security cameras are less targeted by criminals too so better invest with a set of this for your own safety and security.

5. Always make it look like someone is home, even if you are on vacation.

Nothing discourages a burglar effectively than knowing someone is inside your home. If you can create some sort of illusion that someone is inside the house while you are away, it can totally prevent break in and theft. Leaving the TV or the lights or the radio on while you are away is highly recommended. Set them on a timer so you can choose the time when they should turn on.

These tips are proven to be effective to keep your home safe and secured from any kind of break-ins. Implement them as soon as possible!

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