How Routine Tree Trimming Keeps Children at Play Safe

How Routine Tree Trimming Keeps Children at Play Safe

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It doesn’t matter if you are tasked with keeping the local playground safe for children, or you are simply trying to make your own yard secure for your kids, trimming nearby trees is a sure way to accomplish either goal.

Trees lend natural beauty and shade to any outdoor playscape, but they can just as easily lead to danger if they are not properly maintained. Here are just a few ways that tree trimming keeps everyone out of harm’s way.

Lessening the Probability of Falling Branches

If trees are not in the best condition, due to age, or perhaps a recent storm, there is always a possibility that branches can weaken and fall down. Some of these branches may be heavy, pointy, falling at a great rate of speed from a high distance, or any combination of these. This can be extraordinarily dangerous for anyone in their path. Trimming back trees eliminates these scary possibilities.

It may even be best to consult a local professional like Ever Green Tree Services & Landscaping. They would know how much to cut away to stay safe, yet still refrain from damaging the tree. They are also sufficiently trained professionals that are taught to always take the proper precautions.


Keeping Tree Branches Away From Electrical Wires

There is a reason that we were told as children to never climb trees near powerlines. Tree branches can fall into them and anyone making contact with them would be instantly electrocuted.

Many times, these wires even cross through tree branches, and curious kids climbing such a tree may inadvertently touch a live wire. This can lead to serious injuries, including third-degree burns, and possibly even death. Having a professional Tree Trimming company regularly prune and trim back your trees can help ensure accidents and injuries like this do not happen.

Discouraging Pests From Moving In

Varieties of rodents and insects are apt to set up shop in a tree that is left to grow haphazardly. It would be much more natural, and therefore more accommodating to critters and bugs that can be hazardous to have around your children.

Think of wasps, ticks, raccoons, and certain birds of prey. However, keeping trees neat and confined makes them less appealing to wild creatures.

In conclusion, keeping trees neat and trimmed is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of children when they are playing outside. It will make your yard or neighborhood park a secure, shady oasis for play and relaxation. That is why hiring a tree trimming company is important for staying on top of any routine tree maintenance.

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