Mama’s Download Shop is NOW OPEN!

Mama’s Download Shop is NOW OPEN!

As you may have seen in passing here on the blog or social media, I launched a shop for digital downloads…Mama’s Download Shop! Yay!

I have always loved creating and getting ideas, even while being a preschool teacher and a homeschool mama. I don’t want to let those fun skills go to waste, so I’m excited to announce that the WooCommerce shop is now open!

Mama’s Download Shop is technically a soft launch. As of right now, I am adding seasonal and fun Halloween products to the shop. Eventually, every day items will be added. I have quite a few things in the works including my much-anticipated eBook! It will be in PDF format and available in the shop. Hopefully, it will expand to possibly Kindle in traditional eBook format and in print.

Have any ideas you would like to see included in Mama’s Download Shop? Let me know in the comments. Of course, after you purchase your very first digital download, I request you leave a review. 😉

Mama’s Download Shop currently accepts WooCommerce payments through credit card only. I’m working on adding other payment options in the future.

Feel free to browse around!


Lindsey Jenn

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